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Connectivity… in da woods!

Finally started to think I could keep up a bit more with the blogging…. until Thursday, July 17th, when at noon, wack! no internet connection! Gone! Online one minute, off the next.
Called Dish, went through troubleshooting process, set up an appointment for a service tech to come out… on July 28th! Eeeeek! 11 days? Could I go 11 days with no internet, running a business, working on projects, uploading photos, e-mail?

Many phone calls to other Wild Blue techs, none of which are “sub contractors” for Dish… yet service this area, with no results.
Surrender and go to the beach where I found 3 lovely agates. Bonus!
Over the weekend: It has been raining since Thursday, so at 6:30 one morning, I decide to trim trees, to be sure the satellite site line has no interference. Not an easy task for a short person. Attached multiple bungee cords to pine limbs to hold them low enough to reach, while standing on a chair…cutting them whilst holding them down. Thank heaven for telescoping loppers! Whee… bungees are very elastic when the branches were cut and came flying back toward the chair to which they were attached… and on which I stood.

Why all this effort?
The internet is one of the primary ways to stay connected with the rest of the world when one lives 30 miles from town in da woods!

Monday, July 21: A phone call comes in while I am watering the flowers and I run in to answer it… almost didn’t, as the caller ID looked like a solicitor. Eureka! It is the service tech company and they will have someone here tomorrow, Tuesday, the 22nd!

After replacing the modem and 3 out of 4 connections, it still did not work. The last connection re-established connectivity. The last “tria” was faulty… the bad connection. Finally, connected again.

Now why is it that Dish Network, who uses Wild Blue, does not have any techs in da U.P.? This tech came from Grayling, below the bridge. He was in Munising in the morning, and had to drive another 93 miles to get here. From my house to the bridge is another 97 miles. With the price of gas what it is, one would think it would be more cost effective to use U.P. services in the U.P.

Hey, but what do I know?
As a friend of mine signs his e-mail: Efficiency is Intelligent Laziness

Besides, the tech was a really nice guy, and I had fun entertaining his 9 year old son. Spent an hour teaching him about…. what else? Rocks! Sent him off with a souvenir of his first trip to da U.P. … a little dipper!

Life is good in da woods.

Magic of the Spirits of the Lake

We left “the boys” sleeping soundly and went to the beach early Thursday morning, the last day of their time up here. It was “girl time,” so taking hot coffee with us we went for a last quiet morning on the shore. Charlotte and I have similar deep spiritual bond with nature, healing, and the Healing Waters.

Unsuccessful in our previous trips at finding agates, we laughed at our penchant for collecting stones and how we always find something beautiful in each and every one. Every stone has a special quality, some beautiful, some unusual, some with images only we might see and name. We laughed a lot at our “visions” in the stones and that we can’t take them all with us.

We walked alone and together and with joyful excitement she showed me her first really good agate find! I had found nothing great as yet, so I was happy for her find. At one point I had said a quiet prayer to the Lake, a wish: That I might find one good white agate to give to my friend. For no reason, I began to march purposefully to a point further down the beach than we were likely to get to in our pokey meandering. I was being drawn there… I stopped, again for no reason and bent over at the water line, the waves reaching my toes as they slapped the sand. Just within reach, sitting atop a pile of darker stones was a white stone, perhaps just another piece of white quartz? I picked it up and turned it over, and sure enough, it was a neatly striped white agate! Running back to Charlotte to gift it to her, my heart sang “Megwitch, Megwitch, Megwitch, Megwitch!”
When I told her the story of being drawn to that spot, she said ” I wondered why you went marching down the beach all of a sudden!” We laughed. God is good. Life is good. And the Spirit of the Lake laughed with us. Small, heartfelt gifts. Blessings. Friendship.

Then I shared with her a place that I always visit at this beach, a driftwood post planted deep in the sand last summer, to see if it would withstand the winter storms. Each time I visit, I leave a special thank you to Creator for my life here, offering thanks to the spirits of the four directions, the Lake, and God for making it all available to us. Megwitch, Spirits of the East for each new beginning. Megwitch, Spirits of the South, for warmth, the warmth of loving friendships. Megwitch, Spirits of the West, for Golden Light, End of Days, and vast Horizons. Megwitch, Spirits of the North, for Clarity of Vision, Winter, Contrast and Cold Clear Light. Finally, I offer gratitude to God for bringing me to this place to learn, grow, share. This time we both left small Thank You gifts. We got “it” together.

Small, heartfelt gifts. Blessings. Friendship. Love. I am blessed. Aren’t we all?
No camera on this trip. Some occasions remain simple special memories.

Lake Superior

Lake Superior Tidepool Relections

Lake Superior Tidepool Relections


Finally figured out how to upload a photo!

This was taken June 24th, 2008, 9:40 P.M. at Perry’s Landing.

Silly Poetry of the day from “Be Inspired” one of my many creative endeavors…:

Your skies, my skies, our skies.
Your sunrises, my sunrises, our sunrises.
Your water, my water, our water.
We are so fortunate to have this beautiful place in which to live… as the commercial for VISA might say:
Gas to the beach: $150
Sunsets at the beach: Priceless!
Life is good in da U.P.!
If you haven’t been up north in Luce County lately, maybe car pool and take a drive!
Isn’t this part of why we live up here?

Weather Report and…

Chilly. Sunny. A little Rain last night.

Life goes on and the cool weather is creating fog every afternoon on Lake Superior. Rolling in from the Big Lake, quietly filling da woods near the lake shore. 

In town I met two students from Michigan Tech, Brian and Anthony, here to study the bugs and insect life in the recovering Sleeper Lake Fire area. They will be here all summer, staying at State Forest Campgrounds. Next week they plan on staying at Pretty Lake and I think I shall invite them over for dinner. Adopt a student?

Maybe they will let me take pictures of bugs.

I still have not figured out how to get photos into these posts!

The price of gas is killing the economy in this area. Few tourists, and the good (?) thing is very few large RVs coming into the campgrounds. I always wondered what the point of “camping” was, in a rolling motor home, with a TV and generator running all day?

The other “good” thing is, lots of folks are coming up with tents and really camping out.

There are about 10 State Forest campgrounds nearby, none full.

I notice the judgements I make about “good”…

As a child, which I once was and still can be, too often, I decided that I liked the word “good” because if you remove one “o” it is god.  So for me, if something is “good” it has God in it.  Simple, eh! Simple is good!

Life is good!

Summer at last?

Sunshine. Warmth. The cabin heat is off. The last snow melted Wednesday, May 21st. Rain washed it away.

Everything is behind. I am playing catch-up. There are three small tomatoes on one plant. Houseguests up for a few days. Fishing. Beach. 4th of July already! Hummingbirds visiting often, even the petunias in the window boxes.

So many stones, so little Time, Lake Superior Rocks, Lake Superior sunrises and sunsets. Lilacs late blooming, June 21. Solstice came and went with me to a new beach – Vermillion, over near Paradise.

Thirsty Dance was RAIN and I was sick all week and missed it all except the feast to break the fast. It was good to see family again. Spirit warmth.

Saw Mother Fox again last week, with kits. Last night saw, almost hit, a fox kit alone on the road, late. Flickers abound. Dragonflies abundant.

Collecting pine cones, polishing stones, making things, writing…. all good.

Time to mow.

Year Half Gone! Half Ahead!

It was a very long winter, 2007-2008. “They” say over 280 inches of snow fell in Grand Marais. Twenty miles west of me, it is the nearest measurement I have heard. It was a lot of plow time on this long drive to my home in da woods.

I started this blog with high hopes and good intentions for writing. Now I know what is meant by “cabin fever.” This first entire winter of living alone in the woods was difficult, long and lonely. The computer and telephone kept me sane, along with the company of faithful Panda.

Sane? What exactly is sane, anyway? Living alone in da woods? Is that sane? Rising every morning to more fresh snow… is that sanity?

It was a very long winter, yes, and incredibly beautiful. Every day was a new adventure, a new challenge. More snow than the tractor and I could handle… like when the hydraulic hose blew on the front loader, and I repaired it myself. Or when I drove my truck into an invisible snow drift on the road to Lake Superior and freed myself with no shovel, too lazy to walk the mile for help.

An interesting winter, pushing snow, fearing being snowed in, following critter tracks and wondering who the visitors were and when they came and went. Pictures, hundreds of photos of snow, blowing, falling, drifting, building high banks of white fluff or stacking white blocks of it.

Writing, in notebooks, not here.