Summer at last?

Sunshine. Warmth. The cabin heat is off. The last snow melted Wednesday, May 21st. Rain washed it away.

Everything is behind. I am playing catch-up. There are three small tomatoes on one plant. Houseguests up for a few days. Fishing. Beach. 4th of July already! Hummingbirds visiting often, even the petunias in the window boxes.

So many stones, so little Time, Lake Superior Rocks, Lake Superior sunrises and sunsets. Lilacs late blooming, June 21. Solstice came and went with me to a new beach – Vermillion, over near Paradise.

Thirsty Dance was RAIN and I was sick all week and missed it all except the feast to break the fast. It was good to see family again. Spirit warmth.

Saw Mother Fox again last week, with kits. Last night saw, almost hit, a fox kit alone on the road, late. Flickers abound. Dragonflies abundant.

Collecting pine cones, polishing stones, making things, writing…. all good.

Time to mow.

Your comments are appreciated!

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