Year Half Gone! Half Ahead!

It was a very long winter, 2007-2008. “They” say over 280 inches of snow fell in Grand Marais. Twenty miles west of me, it is the nearest measurement I have heard. It was a lot of plow time on this long drive to my home in da woods.

I started this blog with high hopes and good intentions for writing. Now I know what is meant by “cabin fever.” This first entire winter of living alone in the woods was difficult, long and lonely. The computer and telephone kept me sane, along with the company of faithful Panda.

Sane? What exactly is sane, anyway? Living alone in da woods? Is that sane? Rising every morning to more fresh snow… is that sanity?

It was a very long winter, yes, and incredibly beautiful. Every day was a new adventure, a new challenge. More snow than the tractor and I could handle… like when the hydraulic hose blew on the front loader, and I repaired it myself. Or when I drove my truck into an invisible snow drift on the road to Lake Superior and freed myself with no shovel, too lazy to walk the mile for help.

An interesting winter, pushing snow, fearing being snowed in, following critter tracks and wondering who the visitors were and when they came and went. Pictures, hundreds of photos of snow, blowing, falling, drifting, building high banks of white fluff or stacking white blocks of it.

Writing, in notebooks, not here.

Your comments are appreciated!

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