For Rainfires…

The Gifts of Water

The Gifts of Water


Rainfires has inspired the Sparkle in Star Bear.

Drop by drop, lauching a tiny schooner in the fiery woods.  All aboard!

Passenger list: 650 Inspired beings, connected, sharing a magnificent journey, drop by Joyous drop, quenching our thirst for life, together. Namaste.

Setting sail with Joy Love and Light

2 responses to “For Rainfires…

  1. What a wonderful interpretation of the name Rainfires! You gave me a new and beautiful way to visualize that image.

    Love to you,
    Sparkling Star Bear

  2. Thanks again for the picture. I would love to be able to down load it. Is it possible?

    In looking at the picture again I just realized rainfires could be construed as fire water. hmmmmm

    Love you too,


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