Golden Opportunities

Friday, 3 September 2010 Chilly Rain
Awake early, a rainy chilly morning,
high on the doorwall overlooking the woods, appeared this lovely
amphibian, seemingly from out of nowhere.
Glad I have a stay at home morning. Leaping with Joy.


Dawning Gold

My! Such elegant toes you have!
Did they help propel you to this height?
How long will you stay,
attracted to this glass by light?

Long enough for dawn to break,
the rain to cease, the sun to shine?
Long enough to share your golden glow?
Just how long do you plan to stay?
(No plan. I’m sure.)
The camera wants to know!

Exposing your underbelly there ~
you must be quite aware,
frog legs are not our choice
of early morning fare!
Your breakfast of bugs?
Enjoy the feast.
No envy here, not in the least.


Daybreak Glory

Backlit by rainbow woods you stay,
moving not an inch.
How patiently you wait to eat,
without a micro flinch.

The sun now full, you stay an hour,
long enough to watch,
I turn my back and you are gone,
another bug to catch.

You’ve come before, in darkness,
no light to share your way
I thank you for your visit
between the night and day.
Copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis
May your day be as fun as mine!
~ Starbear


One response to “Golden Opportunities

  1. A bug I found yesterday.
    What he’s named I know not.
    But thinking I of Betsy
    and what would she have done
    with this perfectly preserved insect?
    Framing,placing, background sound.
    He would have become a masterpiece.

    Love your golden amphibian. What a lovely visit early in the predawn glory.


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