11 September 2010

Was Longfellow ever here? Schoolcraft? Wondering...

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s epic poem, published in 1856, Song of Hiawatha is a reminder of why we live here. Largely based on work by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft (March 28, 1793 – December 10, 1864) a reading of Schoolcraft’s bio brings to light the source of many of Michigan’s “Indian” place names… Interesting reading, both the poem and the history.
I just live here… write and photograph, read, learn, watch, listen, often wondering whose footprints I was following…
yesterday I flushed a quail as I walked a trail. Both of us startled, quickly displaying it’s neck ruff and fanned tail, it vanished with a whisper of rustling leaves, blending into thick underbrush… too fast for my camera… at the beach, a very large agate lay waiting discovery.

The Treasures of an hour…
May your day be filled with treasures rich and quiet ~ sources of joy.



3 responses to “Treasures…

  1. Some people just live here, others connect–
    All of history with what they detect.
    Smiling creatures, landforms and such–
    The place talks to you—-very much.
    You grow— like the buds on a tree.
    You are informed. Life knows you can see.

    AAnii from me

  2. Such an inspiring photo. It brought this small poem to mind:

    The Morning Light
    Wraps her warm fingers
    Gently ’round
    And comforts the old Tree.

  3. How beautiful and ethereal. A photo that touches the soul when noticing the branches of the forest trees have given glorious shape to a cross in the foreground to the blazing rays of the fading sunset.

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