Surprise Gifts…

2010 September 14

Full Spectrum Symphony ~ Minus the Blues

Summer does not sing the blues
As Fall begins to orchestrate
A symphony of changing hues.

Ahhh.. color veins, weather vanes

For Robie and everyone else who lives where it is always summer… a little gift from a friend.

~Star Bear


One response to “Surprise Gifts…

  1. Oh Dear! Now you’ve done it. My favorite time of the year. All I want for Christmas is a big box of beautiful fall leaves; (the oranges, reds, yellows) thermostates of seasonal change.

    Well, it’s still in the 90s here and some days are heat index of 100; unseasonal heat here all summer. I want to come to the U.P. and bask in the fall season, smelling the lovely changes of the leaves and ground as fall prepares itself for winter.

    And Oh! the first silent fall of the beautiful, white snow peeping through the windows declaring, “I’m here with old man winter.”

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