Light Growing…

Sunpath... Irresistable Invitation

Light beams beckon “Follow me”
Enter this magic play
Waking early in the forest
As dawn begins the day.

Tree curtains stand, darkened, wet
Frame players in this forest set
Lightshafts dance through canopy
Invite and light the path “this way”…

(To continue your walk in the woods, see upper right, above picture and click on Light Growing – part 2 or click here.)
copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis

8 responses to “Light Growing…

  1. Many will walk this same early path
    Among these towering trees,
    But few will open heart and eyes
    To see as Betsy sees…..

    Thanks Wassapicadeeanungmakwa~

    • Thank you for the lovely poem, Frank!
      This was a special morning, a Sunday, and I was able to spend unlimited time being lost and bedazzled in a small section of forest.
      The air, the light the smells, the songs of birds and time to really just see and hear the woods. I do this frequently, and rarely as many good shots as I did this morning.
      Your poem touches my heart. ~ Bear

  2. Beautiful Betsy and Frank.

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  4. Thank you for sharing and pointing me in this direction. What a lovely web site. I feel we are kindred souls.

  5. Hi There,

    Love the image and words, I walk around near my house in the Livradios Forest, it has a similar look to your photo.

    The world is quiet in the woods,
    People pass momentarily,
    Time is in the grip of trees.

    Just a fragment, unfinished as yet. I will come back to it and maybe now after seeing your picture it will reach some conclusion.


  6. Thank you, Jim
    and I am glad the photo inspires you as well.
    Keep walking, keep writing.
    I will visit soon…
    Nature is such a wonderful teacher and I love the line “Time is in the grip of trees”…. You might also enjoy this – more woods in my little piece of heaven where I celebrate trees in all seasons:

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