Light Growing ~ part 3

23 September 2010

Gems at my feet...

Glistening ferns at my feet,
Droplets flow, in veins they meet.
This forest path, does often seem
A life of living in a dream…

More crystal gems await in pines,
Dangling now in groups and lines,
On single needles, evergreen
Background chorus, not unseen…

May your day be filled with delight, joy, and the beauty of living your dream with wild abandon and a chorus of friends singing in harmony with you!

(To enjoy this walk in the woods from the beginning click here. To continue your walk in the woods, see upper right, above picture and click on Light Growing – part 4 or click here .)
copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis


2 responses to “Light Growing ~ part 3

  1. I feel the stillness, smell the pine vapors, feel the dampness of last night’s rain morphing into this morning’s dew. How beautiful that one of man is there to cataglog our father’s hidden gifts.

    • Thank you so much, Robie. When you say you hear smell feel all of those things because of a small photo… It makes my heart sing to know that my work can be so evocative.
      Thank you. It is a pleasure to share my woods with you! Now when will you came visit in person? Bring T and L for some R & R time! LOL!

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