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Ode to Being Behind ~ On Time

2010 17 October
Ode to Being Behind

Can’t see my behind, although some do,
Some tell me it’s lovely, yet between me and you,
My behind is behind me, almost out of view.
Perhaps my behind is a dream overdue?

To see behind me means looking back,
Light is ahead, around me, on track!
At times it glows brightly, not growing black,
Sometimes a pale candle, seen through a crack.

Light leads me forward, in flashes and pops,
I wonder if turtles can learn to make hops?
Snails move forward and get where they go
Even when progress seems very slow.

I want to leap forward, to hop like a frog,
No longer stuck in the muck in a bog.
To follow a path, move forward with light,
with friends on this journey filled with DEELIGHT!

Am I behind, or moving so fast
That feeling behind is behind me at last?
Sitting down on behind, letting it rest,
Is a place where these sillies show up the best!

May your day be filled with joy and wonder and a new perception of time!
copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis