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Having fun in airport delays…

We sat on the plane for hours, hot, thirsty, waiting for take off…
Deplane…. Flight delayed due to a broken airplane part.
“Stuck” in an airport in a strange city for another 8 hours while a new part arrived and was installed. Traveling with my friend, Jackie, and a group of artists… on a 10 day trip and we were losing a whole day… 10% of our time in Peru.
Watching and listening as throngs verbally attacked the airline personnel with angry words and threats of dire consequences, we looked at each other and laughed. Life is always an adventure!
We expressed our gratitude, actually thanking the airline staff for finding the problem BEFORE we were in the air. Seemed like angels were watching over us. The airport? JFK International.

While others groused and complained, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity…
Eight hours in an airport with nothing to do, nowhere to go. The airline provided fruit juice. The airport provided art and lots of angry hostile people… And there we were, two 30 something Pollyanna’s in heaven!

Seizing the opportunity to have fun on our long awaited trip, NO MATTER WHAT, we decided to create an impromptu guided art history tour of the airport for ourselves. We walked and talked and shared our knowledge of the art and artists. At first we laughed about how many people wondered who those two wacky women were…lauhing, pointing, dancing around to get different views… People started following us, joining the “tour”…We laughed and talked with total strangers about what they saw in the paintings and sculpture. We were asked a lot of questions, by total strangers, about the art, if we were airport staff, why we were doing this, were we curators… We asked a lot of people where they were from, where they were going, did they visit museums where they lived?
We were excited to be in the presence of art, not in a museum. We were excited to be able to stand in front of a huge Ellsworth Kelly painting, under a Calder mobile (Flight), up close and personal, soaking up the calm of color and shapes and balance, it was soothing. Order in the midst of chaos.
Families with children stopped and listened, so we asked kids about colors and shapes, we played eye spy, using art as the focal point. People joioned in and went with us…We engaged people to participate. We, without knowing it, having too much fun, taught people how to look at and see what was around them. Adults had fun, Kids had fun. Jaqui and I? We had a ball.

We were just being ourselves, having fun, going with the flow. I wonder how many of those strangers looked at their surroundings in new ways after that? I wonder how many looked at art differently or how many visited museums after that? I wonder how many parents or kids picked up a brush or a pencil and drew or painted after that. We met wonderful people…. And spent hours having fun, teaching, laughing, meeting strangers in an airport.

It was then that I learned that “teaching” can happen anywhere, any time, about anything, if you love it and are willing to have fun with people.

If you are ever stuck in airport, look around, and see what you can do to have fun. Help a mother with her kids, offer to listen to a stranger, offer kindness. Turn off your cell phone. Be with people around you. After all, isn’t that why we get stuck sometimes? To be where we are, loving the moment and those we are with? Being kind, helping each other? No, Jaqui and I didn’t plan on doing any of those high minded things… we were just enjoying our trip and sharing what we loved.
The rest of the trip was just as amazing…

If you are stuck in an airport today, here is a list of 10 fun free things to do…
1. Look around and people watch. See who you can offer a kind word to.
2. Offer to help a mother with crabby children.
3. Ask an old person if you can get them anything, a drink of water or juice?
4. Make a list of all that you are grateful for today, like the plane NOT flying in dangerous conditions, like time to just be….
5. Meditate
6. Take a miracle walk
7. Hug a stranger.
8. Make faces at a baby… stick out your tongue, cross your eyes… play.
9. Talk to a stranger, they won’t be strange for long.
10. Start singing, even if it’s only Happy Birthday, and ask a few others to sing along… surely someone in the airport is having an otherwise miserable birthday! Find that person and sing to them!
11. Read my blog: and laugh. 🙂
When we are “stuck” someplace, it’s usually because it is time to have the time to reflect on stuckness. Have fun!

Blessings to all, Starbear
Copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis

When the Universe Aligns…

Aligned in the Heavens...

Sun, Earth, Moon

December 21, 2010
Such beauty and power in the alignment of Sun, Earth, Moon, with the Winter Solstice on a Full Moon morning. Blessed with the clearest skies, this is a tiny capsule of views and energy of the night.

Phone calls in the middle of the night, friends sharing their view. Clear here, Cloudy there.

I had given up on getting photos, feeling like equipment, my skills, were inadequate for the spectular. (That old “not enough” not good enough” troll) At 2:37 am, as I finally snuggled into bed, the phone rang. A really good friend called and offered a tripod, saying
“Betsy! You have to do this!”
“I have to get up and go to work!” I protested.
“It’s a once in a lifetime event, you CAN’T miss it!” he shouted…and a few more choice words… 15 minutes later, I was in a new location, with camera mounted on a gun tripod resting on my truck, in freshly plowed crunchy snow shooting this miraculous moon.

Alignment. Alignment with the Universe. Alignment with loving friends and supporters. The Universe aligns and we can’t miss it. I am grateful for all.

Are the photos spectacular? Not in my book, I see the flaws, the imperfections, all of those that didn’t work out, and yet, this night’s sky was spectacular and I’m glad I was awake and alive and not willing to miss it. I am glad to be able to share it with those who had clouds, or rain, or needed to sleep. I am glad to be able to share this with those who support, love, and believe in me and my dreams. (And I am glad to share this with me.)

I missed a day of work. It was worth it. Called in, told the truth. Choice, go to a job and miss this opportunity, or share what is special to me. The photos are not perfect. This post will not be perfect. I have to get to my job and this is my work as I celebrate light and color and life.

Above the photo, the words read:
“Winter Solstice 12/21/2010 Night Watch~Once in a Lifetime…Witnessing This Miracle…THIS Event…Night Light Show in the Heavens. Did you hear the applause, feel the energy circles… Bouncing Love to the Moon and around the Globe.
Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward everyone. We, on this planet, in this Universe are truly beautifully, bountifully blessed. Namaste.”

My wish for 2011. As we share one moon, one planet, one Universe, peace. Peace and Love for each other. Kindness. Kindness to self and others. Appreciation and gratitude for our differences.

Will have to add and edit later… Now it is time to get to the other job. For now, it pays a bill. Alignment… alignment with love.

Betsy ~ Starbear
copyright 2010

Snow whispers…

Sunday, December 13, 2010
5:30 am

In the quiet darkness of morning moonlit snow silence. Shhhhsh, swsshhh, crunch, the first step, the only sound, whispers.

‎:) …. Whispers – Followed by… the swish of the snow shovel, roar of the diesel tractor, (Thank you, tractor for starting so easily! 🙂 8 degrees, wind chill minus 20 and a total of twelve hours of pushing snow… with two food warm-up breaks preceded by 6 hours yesterday and 5 the day before… I love snow and would love to share some with you! I am blissfully asking the snow fairies to dance at your place for a few days.

Saturday, December 11, 2010
Snow. Snow plowing. Snowshoes. Deep Snow. More snow falling! Yay! A foot + in 24 hours. Cold…Brrr…Windy…wind chill… Plow, eat, warm up, plow. to get to work… Thank you anonymous angel who sent a gas card for fuel and gift certificate for T.P., shampoo, etc.
Did you know you can’t drive a tractor while wearing snow shoes? LOL! May your day be filled with laughter and lots of snow!

copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis