Snow whispers…

Sunday, December 13, 2010
5:30 am

In the quiet darkness of morning moonlit snow silence. Shhhhsh, swsshhh, crunch, the first step, the only sound, whispers.

‎:) …. Whispers – Followed by… the swish of the snow shovel, roar of the diesel tractor, (Thank you, tractor for starting so easily! 🙂 8 degrees, wind chill minus 20 and a total of twelve hours of pushing snow… with two food warm-up breaks preceded by 6 hours yesterday and 5 the day before… I love snow and would love to share some with you! I am blissfully asking the snow fairies to dance at your place for a few days.

Saturday, December 11, 2010
Snow. Snow plowing. Snowshoes. Deep Snow. More snow falling! Yay! A foot + in 24 hours. Cold…Brrr…Windy…wind chill… Plow, eat, warm up, plow. to get to work… Thank you anonymous angel who sent a gas card for fuel and gift certificate for T.P., shampoo, etc.
Did you know you can’t drive a tractor while wearing snow shoes? LOL! May your day be filled with laughter and lots of snow!

copyright 2010 Betsy Lewis


2 responses to “Snow whispers…

  1. Oh dear friend. So little time, so much snow. Perhaps the snow fairy heard your prayer. Flurries are expected here this weekend. We’ll take care of each beautiful flake for you. Until then, we offer prayers of gratitude for your beautiful John Deere snow plow. And offer great thanks to God for you continued energy and health.

  2. The snow faeries heard you as we are expecting snow. 🙂

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