New Year ~ New Theme!

January 8, 2011
A new look. Patience.
New at the top:
Water flows, ripples, reflects, dances in sunlight…
Becoming organized in a different way.
Sorting out.Throwing out.
When this blog began, I had no idea how to use it, do it, organize it, or why I was even doing it. It was just for me, to learn something new.

A thousand+ days later, and I’m still learning. Slow? Perhaps. Yet, life distracts us – or does it? Forest fires, moving, resettling, unsettling, relationships, love, play, work, money, family, endings, beginnings, weather, loss, grief, soul coaching, soul searching, and with all of this, through all of this, in all of this, a theme remains. Newness, creativity, writing, photographing, recording, sharing, inspiring, being inspired. Being in Spirit and staying connected… Change is constant.
Life is full and rich and as SARK loves to say “SUCCULENT and JUICY” in such wonderful ways!

Sherry re-introduced me to Diane, who introduced me to SARK and Dream Boogie. Reading Wayne Dyer led me to Hay House which led me to Denise Linn, which led to meeting so many wonderful people… Robie, who introduced me to Frank.
My friend Charlotte sent me SARK’s latest book “Glad No Matter What” … because I told her about Dream Boogie… and on it goes – Miracles – change – new.
Then my son and his girlfriend sent me two more wonderful books – “Life is a Verb” and the “Awe-Manac.”
Because of de code id by nodes, I have had time to read.

Today, the snow just crashed off the roof, so Panda is hiding under my desk, head in the corner. Da code id my dnose is bedder. The tractor awaits the turn of the key to plow. The camera is charging. I lost the first 5 drafts of this post. It has snowed some more and stopped. Life. Breathe.
Take a deep breath. Click on something in the “new” menu to the right – it may be something you’ve read before, or not? Still sorting… if you click, it may click with something in you. If it does, leave a comment. If not, thank you for clicking into my thoughts. YOU are in them!

Love to all and Happy January 2011
~ Betsy


One response to “New Year ~ New Theme!

  1. Feeling better are you? Now get out on that tractor and plow, plow, plow; just enough to clear the road and be able to drive our of your special domain. Be well.

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