Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Living with ‘Ben’ergy

Sunday, January 9, 2011
Now faced with this self-committed challenge, postaday2011, all of the things I have pre-written seem so very mundane and inconsequential, or silly, bombastic, arrogant.
What DO people care about?
What DO people want to read?
What DO people want to SEE?
The internet is filled with stuff.
Ideas. Images. Opinions. How to Tips.
Stories of joy, sadness, horror, good works, and history abound.
So what do YOU read most?
Advice? Opinions? Educational adventures? Humor? How to be inspired?
What inspires YOU? What do you want to learn about? Investigate, explore, see?
What may be mundane to some, becomes important to others…
Living in a cabin in the woods, in winter, in a place that receives 200+ inches of snow annually, we care about how people thrive in winter, plan for being snowed in, stay warm, and have fun when the power goes out and it’s minus degrees outside!

When the power is off, the main source of heat, warmth and joy in our little cabin (besides our sparkling selves) is this cast iron Ben Franklin stove! (Oh! and Panda likes it, too)


With no power, it still works, keeping the rooms warm AND will warm up coffee, soup, hands. Keeping large beach stones on top serves another purpose ~ hand warmers, foot warmers, bed warmers. Hot stones stuck in pockets will stay warm for an hour! Snuggling down into a pre-warmed bed is delicious!
There is nothing quite as heart warming as coming in from an exhilarating adventure in the cold as standing or sitting near “Ben.” At night, the warm light is nice to read by, even when the power is out.
No, it is not wood fueled. Insurance companies here raise rates to ridiculou$ when wood burners are inside homes. This one is propane and even has a remote control for temperature making it energy efficient and convenient. A very large propane “pig” is filled once each winter, so no worries if a delivery truck can’t make it here due to snow-closed roads.
What warms your heart on blizzardly days? If you live where it never snows… you don’t know what beautiful adventures you might be missing! It’s snowing again!
Stay warm!
~ Betsy

copyright 2011


8 responses to “Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Living with ‘Ben’ergy

  1. I love the way you write about the so-called “mundane”. You have a talent for inspiring others to notice more, to see everyday ordinary things as sacred. Today I sat for a few quiet moments with you next your “ben-energy” soaking up the lovely warmth, light, and love. I’m also feeling inspired and supported by your own committment to take on this daily post challenge. I love the resource you shared, The Daily Post for ideas. I’m not in the community…I decided to use the platform instead… so I am not sure if I will formally join the challenge, but I am considering playing along. So blessings on your posting journey.

    • Thank you for reading and sharing, Jan. I enjoyed visiting and reading your gratitude post. It is something I start my day with… Gratitude for all things large and small.
      I’m trying to figure out where, how in this theme to add links! Thank you for the kind words. Is anything mundane?
      Namaste ~ B

  2. Betsy, the first thing that attracted me to your work via Internet was the zen-like poetry accompanying quality images. I would say KEEP these elements, but you don’t need to refrain from being more chatty at other times. Humor and educational adventures are good. There is also an authenticity that transpires when you simply relate your everyday personal encounters. Just be yourself. You are teaching, by example, how to see the extraordinary aspects of whatever life presents us with. Also, the contact with nature is vital, and so basic that I nearly forgot to mention it.


    • Nice to hear from You, M! Thank you for thoughtful advice. and ” the contact with nature is vital, and so basic that I nearly forgot to mention it.” Me too!
      This post a day challenge is – challenging!
      I’ll keep you posted!
      🙂 ~B

  3. I really enjoy hearing how you get along up there at time like this. Thanks for sharing. We’ll never, hopefully get 200+, but it’s snowing like crazy here right now. Expect to get 3-4 inches. That will be enough to bring us all to our knees here. Temps. won’t be out of the 30s nextweek until weekend. But it’s beautiful today, it’s Sunday and, no rush hour traffic to get snarlled. Tomorrow the ice will be a different story. Businesses won’t open until after 10:00 AM. Would love to have your precious BF stove. Snuggle up Panda. Prince has given up potty breaks for the day. No way he’s going out in this. Ha! Eventually, I’ll have to bundle up and walk him. But I love walking in that first snow. We’ll have a great time. For now, it’s back to my blankie and book. Stay warm.

    • 🙂 Robie! How is/was the Texas snow?
      You are quite welcome. We are either brave or nuts or maybe both? LOL.
      Stay Safe! Books and blankets – a week with the code in my nodes – hopefully balance is returning.
      Come visit me Ben and Panda. Bring Prince… Panda can teach him how little dogs play in the snow…. 🙂

  4. Just wanted you to know that I enjoy reading your thoughts, whether mundane or unusual. Hopefully you are starting to feel better and the fogginess we both have felt, is lifting. Keep warm and give Panda a hug from us:)

    • Thank you Cyn, for reading, commenting, caring!
      I hope your cold is gone too!
      Panda is starting to shed already! Longer days…

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