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Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Living with Snow!

I LOVE snow! Why else would I chose to live in a place where it snows more than 200 inches per year? (Average is 240 inches.)
Almost every winter day here has a fresh clean blanket of Lake Effect Snow.
It is breathtakingly beautiful and muffles most sound.
Sometimes you can even hear it snow…
Instead of iPods, Apps, cell phones, we have forests, lakes, trees, and snow for home entertainment. People who come here to play can become very frustrated when their cell phones don’t work, they can’t facebook, or blog. Why? Trees! Wilderness! They are on vacation, albeit some quite unwillingly, from technology.
There are 3 cell towers on my road. Two are for important government communications – like forest fires, accidents, poaching. They are reserved for State and local police and the DNR (Department of Natural Resources).
The third tower is within sight of a friend’s wireless computer. He sits and waits, and waits, and waits. We cook dinner, have dessert and he is still waiting for his AT&T wireless connection to connect.
I do have a cell phone. In order to make it work, I have to drive 10-15 miles toward the nearest town. That’s okay; I have satellite for my Internet. Once or twice a winter, I have to brush the snow off the dish and it works just fine. (See broom in Basic tools)
To be sure you have fun when snowed in, some things are essential: Toilet Paper is one. Food is another. We grill outside all year round…
Good neighbors are another, in case you run out of one of the other essentials.
It is never boring – Keeping an eye on the weather to make plans, like how early do we have to get up to plow the driveway before we can get to work? LOL.
We rarely have “snow” days – the schools only close when there are blizzard conditions and sometimes there are bus delays. (Imagine this: If someone dies, memorial services are held, and burials wait until spring… cannot dig graves here in winter.)

For snowy entertainment? We play in it – there are so may activities here based on snow – cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dog mushing, snow mobile races, dog mushing races… Can you tell that the economy here is also partially based on snow?

How to enjoy being snowed in? Go out! I put on my snow clothes, boots, maybe snow shoes, go out, take pictures, hike, plow. Here are a few ways we thrive in the snow… and what 200+ inches looks like! (More on that later…)

Primary Colors make them easy to spot!

Handy on the front porch... the buried blue thing is our sled for hauling....

Measuring 3 feet.

We measure it in feet, not inches. This snow stick is on the road near home.

This is a REALLY BIG truck!

These snow plows travel at 40-50 mph, throwing snow 30-30 feet off the road. We give them a very wide berth! The front blade on this one is about 7 feet tall on the high side. They are dump trucks loaded with sand, salt is not used here, too many lakes and rivers. Note the antenna – they communicate by radio, since cell phones don’t work… LOL.
Welcome to life in snow country. We call this normal… and it’s way too much fun.

More snow stories to come.
Having fun with postaday2011!