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Post-A-Day 2011 ~ How Do I want to Be Remembered?

The postaday2011 challenge topic #11 for January 11, 2011 is “What do you want to be remembered for?”
Good Grief! What a question… I’m not close to dead, yet, I hope! If I know or have known 10,000 people, I guess I might be remembered for something different by each one.

What I hope I am remembered for are simple things:
For kindness, honesty, generosity, gratitude, my sense of humor and loving people, for being a loyal friend, a good mom, a good person, for living in integrity, with courage and an adventuresome spirit.
I hope I can be remembered for my appreciation of beauty in nature, people, life, and teaching, teaching with joy and inspiring others.
I hope I am remembered for bringing a smile to someone’s face and sharing laughter. I hope I am remembered in connection with agates, horses, a kite shop in Detroit.
I would like to be remembered for being compassionate and loving to all.

Funny, thinking about this, I thought I wanted to be remembered for being a fabulous artist, writer, poet, beautiful, funny, energetic, inspirational, and maybe even brilliant and the hot love of someone’s life! LOL. I do want all of that, too. It’s here. I love me.

Maybe the best thing of all is to just be… remembered.
…even if it is as that funny redheaded, short person with big ideas, who, through rose colored glasses didn’t see the walls of the little boxes some people tried to put her in? What boxes? What color are they?
I will probably be remembered for being tenacious, persistent, okay; stubborn and maybe even silly.
A good friend said to me recently “You are the most persistent redhead I know!”
My response” “Thank You! What a compliment! If I weren’t so bloody persistent, I’d have been dead long ago!”

May your dreams be steady and fufilled. May your commitment to loving your life be filled with joy.
May you dance on the beach, always, with gusto and grace!

How do you want to be remembered?
~ Betsy

Beauty and the Beach