Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Living with my Inner Critic

Staying home and being sick for 10 days is not my idea of fun… especially when one of my “roommates” goes on a tear.
This one’s name is I.C. and this is how it went for awhile today, while driving to work!
I.C.: “Here it is already January 13, 2011 and you have not shot a single photo since January 3rd…”
ME: “Right – and what day did I get sick and spend the night hugging the loo?”
IC: “Well, yeah – THAT was 10 days ago! You’ve been able to write a post a day since 1-09. Why haven’t you taken any pics? You haven’t been to work, you just sit and write or read or sip tea or take care of the dog or make soup, or talk on the phone or go to the bathroom or work on the computer or sleep. You are neglecting your camera!”
ME: “You forgot to mention snow plowing… 6 hours of snow plowing… plus the shoveling. Ms. Observant! You also forgot, coughing sneezing, watery eyes and nose blowing… You also forgot chills, fever, and tired.”
I.C. “You are so lazy! Get over it!”

Perhaps it is time for this Inner Critic to take a hike in the woods – and find the blueberries or something, maybe go shovel snow? Why is it that when we get sick or laid low, this Inner Critic decides to become a really healthy and noisy one?

Aha! Not enough to do! So… Here is my letter to I.C.
Dear Inner Critic of the Week,
Thank you for letting me know your opinions. I am really grateful for your wanting to contribute to my life. Sometimes your suggestions are helpful and I know you just want to be helpful in the best way you know how. For now, though, it may be time for you to take a break. A nice nap, perhaps?
Would you like to go someplace warm and play on the beach, take a vacation? I’ll help you pack.
Maybe you would like a new job? You could do the dishes, take out the trash, groom the dog, vacuum and dust, do the laundry, pay the bills, plow the snow. Perhaps if you took over some of the things I do, then perhaps I would have more time to do the things you think I should do.
Thank you for sharing and I appreciate your concerns. I am choosing to listen to a different voice today. With much love and little ado, so long!
I find it interesting that no matter what I choose to do, you love tell to me all the other things I should be doing. When I am shooting photographs, you tell me I should be cleaning the bathroom.
I do have a very urgent request! Please retire to the bathroom and clean something there, and while you’re at it take your shoulds with you. Better yet, dress warm and go out in the woods and redecorate the outhouse. You can should all you want out there and feed the red squirrels while you’re at it. They will appreciate your attention.
Thank you for paying such close attention to me. I am sure you’ll do a fine job on the outhouse. Have fun! I’ll see you in the Spring! Don’t forget your longjohns! Bye! Bye!
Thank you for sharing and I appreciate your concerns. I am choosing to listen to a different voice today. With much love and little ado, so long!
If none of those options suit you, please just go to the nearby beach. It’s quite lovely there with all of the ice… careful where you step!
Happy Trails!
Love, Me

Watch your step!

Icey beach for I.C. Watch your step!


4 responses to “Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Living with my Inner Critic

  1. Where would we be with out our little inner voices telling us where we went wrong.

    I feel that as time goes on and work has crowded in, then I need to get out into woods or mountains or anywhere outside, the beach maybe. But just to get away from the noise that we make filling the world with our products.
    Hope you are better, Loved the tree photos by the way, shame about the stump at the end.

  2. Hah! Way to tell her off! 😀

  3. lol! Good job telling the Inner Critic where to go. Tell I.C. that taking a break from photography might also mean coming back with a fresh eye, so to speak.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. How negative I.C. is; a devil’s playground. Perhaps it was time to just get down and the Universe made that decision 10 days ago. At this time as the body heals, I see you grateful for the time to get up for awhile and begin to work with the hundreds of fabulous photos waiting for your gentle touch to turn them into a gift for the masses. The masses are beating down your door purchasing the gifts sitting in the file that demand light. What a great time to offer more to your priority of your great creative talents and sit in bed in a resting, propped-up position, orange juice at the ready with tissues by your side, organizing every page of any subject you choose to arrange into a book. There will be time for more pictures and not when it’s minus zero degrees suffering the effects of a winter cold. You are a new person focusing on one chosen priority to fuition. Oh joy! You see yourself handing out all God’s beautiful work given to you as your talent at birth. And now you realize this precious time that was given to you as a blessing.

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