Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Living in Context

What do you see?

What do you see?

Is this just another Butterfly…
A Yellow Swallowtail perhaps?
Or is it about left wing politics?
harvesting pollen?
growing chives?
seeing purple?
Do you see what I see?
…the beauty of nature
symbiotic relationships
of critters, color, shapes
I see Joy, Hope, Beauty
Creator at work…
I feel the warmth of the sun
A compliment in violet
A tiny spider
black and yellow shapes
I smell chives and blossoms
And I hear the buzz of bugs…
It is all of these, And more…
It depends on what you want to see,
Feel, hear, remember, filter
what sensibilities you bring to it…
What do you want to see today?
What is the context from which you live?

I started this blog to share the beauty of my world, and while off track at times, returning to my purpose feels good. This morning has fresh fluffy snow, so off I go… in search of more beauty to share… checking filters, checking sense and sensibilities.

Namaste ~ Starbear

P.S. (According to Microsoft’s grammar and spelling check this post has a reading ease score of 88.3 and the Flesh-Kincaid Grade Level is 4.2 – why do I think this is hilarious…? Oh, simple, because it confirms that I am a fourth grader at heart… amused and fascinated by butterflies and spiders and color…and beauty.)


8 responses to “Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Living in Context

  1. I’m caught in two minds about butterflies. Sometimes I look at them and I think “wow, that’s beautiful.” But other times I look at them and think “dear god, they’re just the same as moths!” and I’ve got a fear of moths… What’s the difference between a moth and a butterfly anyway?! Hah.

    • Good google question – is it the difference between night and day? Feeding habits? Butterflies feed on nectar, and moths feed on? They are both beautiful, delicate and fleeting… Thank you for reading!

  2. Love it and love connecting everyday to beauty.

  3. Lovely thoughts. I always have been grateful I stopped maturing before middle school. 4th grade was divine.

  4. 🙂 Hello Rhonda! The hardest part of 4th grade was long division… The rest was bliss!
    Thank you for noticing the P.S. – LOL!

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