Post-A-Day 2011 ~ In Spires

Snow on Spires

In Spires

Snowing blowing freezing
Full moon teasing
Through crystallized clouds

In spires of snow laden pines
Cathedral in the woods
At times too tired to be inspired

Except by moon or stars or trees
with snowy frosting reaching
up to sky like these

Though tired, weary to the bone
Greeted warmly by woods, at home
too tired to answer any phone

Yet the words go on the page
imperfect for this tired age
a promise kept to me.

Inspired, In Spirit, in keeping with my word.

I wish you could see these tall tall pines, deeply rooted, buried in snow, reaching for the sky… The wind will clear them soon enough, shake them good and lick the frosting off in a whoosh.
Enjoy the Full Moon! May you soak in that energy, bathe in the full moonlght, breathe it in… then give it back into the world with kindness, love, peace, and gratitude.
Namaste ~ Betsy


6 responses to “Post-A-Day 2011 ~ In Spires

  1. Enjoying these. Keep it up. It’s hard for me to comment very often because my computer is so slow. Well and blessed wishes. E

  2. Couldn’t believe the beauty of the full moon this evening. As I reached over to close a bind, I found myself looking at the most beautiful moon glowing through the window. Love the pines.

  3. Thank you Ellen and Robie! As I watch the full moon I know iy is shining on all of my friends as well, even if some of us can’t see it. šŸ™‚

  4. Beautiful words, thoughts, and photo.

    It’s too cloudy here to see the moon. I’ve been hoping to get out in the snow and moonlight some night.

  5. Very wistful…and a great picture!

  6. I just love the snow, and pics like this just make me want to be out in it. Went for a snowy walk up Snowdon in Wales two weeks ago. Great walk and great pictures. I’ll try and post one on my blog soon.


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