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Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from My Dream – Perspective

Fresh Perspectives

The ELEMENTS of Art and Life and Nature run in Parallel Lines in my brain.
I am an artist. I see as an artist, I think as an artist, I teach as an artist, and I still learn as an artist.
Yesterday, I was blessed to arrive at the beach (studio) and find no one else’s tracks on this stairway. I have been here so many times before and always had to follow someone else’s tracks, so my heart was leaping with Joy at the opportunity to finally get this shot – with no tracks. At last, with perfect timing, I was the first one there. It took 2 years! (Patience)

Perspective – I learned to draw perspective when I was nine. Lying on the living room floor, with a great big drawing pad, my dad patiently taught me to see how lines disappear at the vanishing point and how to move the vanishing point. Basic elements of art and seeing. The farther away something is, the smaller it becomes. Color diminishes, pales.

I think I spent weeks showing him vanishing points and perspective on walks, in the neighborhood, standing at the back of the church, looking up the aisle. He must have been very patient, too.

Perspective is part of how I learned to see… to draw, to live.
When something is close it appears large, and even if it is far away, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We just can’t see it.
People, love, life are like that. Sometimes it’s all about putting things into perspective… Yesterday I was blessed with fresh snow, no tracks and a perfect example of perspective.

Life is wonderful!
May your day be filled with perspective – knowing what you can’t see right this minute is out there, you just have to keep moving to a new point of view to see it! At the bottom of the stairs, I found more basics… and beauty.

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from Me AND My Dream

Postcard from Me & My Dream

Have you missed me? I have missed you, too!
Sorry to be MIA!
Missing in Action – Action being the operative word…
Loving my environment
Using it without causing harm
Making Art – Environmental Art
Making plans
Giving and receiving
Taking care of myself and people I love.
Learning, always learning.

15 days in the studio, 15 days in my life, 15 Days of Miracles… While Valentine’s Day is a date on the calendar, every day is for loving.
It is winter, I am StarBear and sometimes require hibernation, slow breathing, slowing heart rate, loving my work, going with the flow of seasons and cycles. Each day building on another to build a foundation.

If you missed me, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you…
And while I was away you were in my heart, not frozen, melting in sunshine or rain, and always here.

While I usually find something I want to change or eliminate in my photos, this one is unedited, unchanged. It is my real heart, my true love, radiating in sunshine… and just a tiny part of a series of ice sculpture/photos – just a tiny portion of what I have been up to for the past two weeks. Missing posts, moving forward, living my dream.
“They” say make hay while the sun shines, I say make ice when it is cold enough.
Coming soon to an Art Gallery near you!

Namaste ~ starbear

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Post-A-Day2011 – Thursday THIRSTday

Thirsty for Clarity, I found it here...

Wednesday ~ Stay WEDded to your bliss
Thursday ~ May you not go thirsty ~ body, soul or mind…
I drink deeply of life. My glass is full and I am wedded to my bliss.
I was thirsty for clarity and find it here. Would you like a glass?
When I try to be other than I am, I am not.
So far a wonderful week. I wish you wonder and awe.

..and I had pizza for dinner tonight, spinach, cheese, garlic – so now I am really thirsty….no wonder about that.

Namaste~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day2011 ~ Tuesday Planner – catch up?

Tuesday ~ 2 on TWOsday – Play with a friend Beautifully!
(Note to myself: Get to work on time! Boogie Beans class tonight!)

So much for plans. Life happens and some plans get off track. My blog plan did. It’s all good. Catching up. Monday post was “late” and way long – and probably overdue.
This is Tuesday’s post showing up on Wednesday. Start again. Did play with friends on Tuesday, in the course of work and after. Ooops – Slept through BB class and that’s why I love being able to download the recordings from a late night west coast source when a nap or early to bed is required. Backup plan B. Adjusting schedule to speed ups by slowing down. Sleep, naps are required for dreaming anyway! May be the fastest path for manifesting.
Breathe. Monday was packed with miracles and Miracles, Tuesday was slower paced. This morning, catch up. Tonight, do Wednesday post.
Breathe. Eat. Dance. Live. Love. Keep it simple, sweet and short.

Life is good and moving fast. Somedays I move slowly, while my mind races ahead, then these words by Simon and Garfunkel pop in:
Slow down, you move too fast.
You got to make the mornin’ last.
Just kickin’ down the cobblestones,
Lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy.

Yeah, old song, who says “groovey” anymore?
I’m in a super groove, not a rut.
Off to work, promises to keep,
Yes, sometimes life is nuts..

Some days are just nuts, other days, might oaks from little acorns grow.

Enjoy your day! Remembering this “play” is life! Balancing what others call work with play.

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day2011 ~ Weekly Planner OOPS!

Money - Do you Love it?

Money MONday ~ was your day be filled with loving MONey Miracles? Have you taken time for a nap?

In addition to loving a lot of people, animals, where I live, what I do, etc., I also LOVE MONEY! I admit it! It can be a beautiful thing. Depends how you “see” it. Do you look?
Where is the beauty in/of money? My favorite denomination in U.S. currency is Ben Franklin – he was a smart guy, kinda cute, funny and he graces the $100 dollar bill with a Mona Lisa smile.

That’s what this little image is about… Loving money and all the good it can generate, celebrating money! It may not be art, and it was fun to do, a work in progress ~ Photography and color. I am always shooting mundane stuff and pulled parts of this picture out of my treasure trove files. (Working on dancing money…. 🙂 )
While I live simply, it still takes money… and yes, there are things money cannot buy, like a beautiful sunrise, a child’s laugh, kindness from friends and family, loyalty, love, more time…
And yet
I LOVE being able to
pay my bills – heat my home – have a home to heat!
to buy, eat, share healthy food, and while I LOVE picnics it is also wonderful to have a table and chairs… indoors in winter.
travel (put gas in my truck to get to work, ride a bike, walk – yes, even shoes cost money… even the most modest travel plans require some money)
I LOVE snow, so I also LOVE being able to dress warmly.
I LOVE being able to support others in paying their bills by paying mine.
I LOVE being able to donate money to causes I believe in.
I LOVE spending time with friends and loved ones and having the communication tools phone, internet, etc. to be able to make those connections.

I love allowing money to flow. Like water and love and air, it flows into, through, and out of our lives. Giving it, receiving it, letting it go. There is more than enough to go around and sometimes it may become bottlenecked in different places. For anyone living in scarcity, it may become a scary bottleneck. For someone with a lot of money, it may become a scary bottleneck. Having money can be scary, not having money can be scary. Heck, living can be scary.

Reminding myself that money is simply a tool, not a measure of my own or anyone’s worth, (Is someone like Donald Trump or Howard Hughes or Queen Elizabeth worth more than you or me? Is comparison to anyone else even useful?) I also have to remind myself that my creating, making, earning money, honestly and with integrity, is not taking away from anyone else. I am capable of handling money wisely and don’t waste it.
It is the most commonly accepted medium of exchange for goods and services. You/I exchange time, work, energy for money so we can pay others for those services, and so goes the flow.
Since the people who provide services, like the utilities, banks, grocery stores, expect cash in exchange for their goods and services, part of my “job” in life is to discern what I need and want in my life and then find ways to generate sufficient exchanges to cover those. With this image I declare that I am open to allowing more Money Miracles to flow into my life. Are you?

So, while my Weekly Planner blog this week, may be a little out of synch with my original written plan, My Monday MONey Miracles happened in wonderful small ways… be careful what you ask for, you might get it and more. Allowing money to flow can be a lot of fun, and money can arrive from the most surprising places. I allow money to flow into my life freely, from my work, gifts, winnings, JOY. I am RICH, I am LUCKY, I am GIFTED from within and from others, and somehow, through pure miracles, love, and blind faith, even naiveté, I always have more than enough. I would love to create even more, so I could share even more.
Purchases, gifts, donations, earnings, are always welcome. They will be put to “good” use.

The next time you buy that thing you think you need, ask yourself, where does my money go from here? Who or what is my spending this money supporting, serving, helping, loving? Where am I in the flow of money? Am I in a river, a stream, floating on a lake? Paddling upstream and going nowhere fast? Do I even have a paddle? Do I need one? Do I need money?
No, not really. We can make the shoes, grow the food, build a fire, send smoke signals, et al, and live, survive, simply and beautifully. Do I want to be in survival mode? Not any more, been there done that. I intend and am shifting gears, pivoting in the place I came from… from survivng to thriving. I have “paid it forward” a lot, and am now catching up, thanks to wonderful teachers who are teaching me things not learned previously from parents, friends, in school…

How was your Monday? Mine was rich and full and beautiful and I celebrate going with the flow of an abundant stream of crystal clear water!
Money from the heart… flowing, even when the surface here seems frozen. As kids, we don’t think about breathing much, we just breathe, in and out. We love, letting it in and out. We dance, joyously. For me, Monday was about the dance – dancing with money, breathing, receiving, giving back, sharing, receiving.

This a long post ~ If you read it all, Thank you! If it created new thoughts for you, Super! If you want to leave a comment, GREAT! What are your thoughts, beliefs, successes with money? How do you “see” it, think about it, play with it? Do you love it or think it’s a bad thing?
Creating, handling, money may like any other skill or tool, use it or lose it… Just remember, we never forget how to ride a bicycle, even after not doing it for years. Yeah, I know, mixed a lot of metaphors in this one.

And the longest word count so far… not a lot of economy of words today.
May your day be filled with miracles, love, abundance and flow, whatever day you read this.

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Personal Planner

Good Morning, Merry Sunshine!
Taken from a place I love... Pine Stump Junction a real place nearby

Language is a wonderful fun toy. We can play with all kinds of words and give them personal meanings. I was making up a schedule of things I get to do this week, and decided to write my week’s schedule in a new way. We are what we say… and I have yet to find a personal planner that really speaks to me, my spirit, my crazy schedule.
So here is my schedule for this week:

Sunday ~ Play with SUNshine and Light ~ Photography ~ BE SUNSHINE
Monday ~ May this day be filled with MONey Miracles ~ generosity, abundance, giving and receiving
Tuesday ~ 2 on Twosday – Play with a friend Beautifully!
Speaking of Friends and Beauty, my friend M, is doing this beautiful Butterfly Project.
(Note to myself: Get to work on time! Boogie Beans class tonight!)
Wednesday ~ Stay WEDded to your bliss
Thursday ~ May you not go thirsty ~ body, soul or mind…
Friday ~ Drink deeply of Life and not get FRIed.
(Wikipedia ~ Day of Venus, Day of the Love Goddess)
Saturday ~Be SATisfied with your week.

My dreams and wishes are for you as much as they are for me. I wish us all Miracles, Beauty, and Sparkling Sunshine and stars this week! Don’t forget to nap.
(Each Post this week will relate to this planner ~ now that’s a challenge!)

Namaste~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day2011 – Postcards from my dream…

Every journey begins with one tiny step...

This inspirational postcard came about over time… I go to “my” summer studio, camera in hand, daily. Sometimes I go with a specific intention, to build something, to find something, to take a specific image. The day I took this photo, it was early morning, and I went to catch a sunrise. When I reached the lake it was foggy. No sunrise visible that day. Instead, I found footprints in the sand. There were big prints and little prints, mostly unclear, in dry sand. This one little footprint in wet sand was so clear! As I was shooting, I imagined a little kid walking dancing playing laughing on the beach with a parent. I imagined the parent keeping the child safe, calling a child away from the big waves, lovingly. I imagined a happy camping trip with a family. I didn’t know what I would use this photo for, I just had to shoot it… before a big wave washed it away, forever.
Some time later, in a phone call with a friend from Dream Boogie, we talked about our long term dreams. I remembered this image, I thought taken for no reason. To encourage her (and myself) I made this postcard and sent it to her.
It is a small part of my dream. To encourage others, to inspire, to use my gifts and skills as an artist to support others to grow into their dreams.
I have such fun at the beach! It is a clean canvas and sometimes I paint or draw on it and sometimes others do it for me. I just have to look, see, notice, shoot and share. Sometimes I teach and sometimes I am taught. Always learning, and each day the beach is different, just like life. I am grateful to the child who took a step close to the water, that the footprint lasted overnight and for parents who love their children. Mine did. Thanks!

Have a dream? Want to make it real… follow footprints, notice where they lead. You never know when you can use them or who walked there first. You can make your own footprints, dancing to your dream.

Namaste~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day2011 ~ Good Morning!

My best days happen when I jump out of bed, and greet my day with “What do I get to do today?” instead of “What do I have to do today?” or “What should I do today?”
(A Boogie Buddy at planetSARK coined the words. If I knew for sure who it was, I’d give them credit…)

I get to write.
I get to do the dishes in Joy Bubbles.
I get to plow snow and drive the tractor and think and write in my head.
I get to sit on the deck, in a 20F heat wave, with my dog and a cup of hot coffee, while watching woodpeckers at the feeder.
I get to pay the bills.
I get to edit words and images.
I get to nap and dream.
I get a day “off” to do what I love.
I get to love!
What do you get to do today?

Whatever “it” is I hope you LOVE.

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day2011 ~ A Thousand Posts

Short and Sweet!
Economy of words.
A Thousand Posts – recycle

Holy Wah! To my blogging buddies, who have been neglected for a couple of days, kolembo, to whom I have not responded, and the hundreds of fans and readers… and myself.
Forgive me.
I am sorry.
Thank you.
I love you.
I am 2 posts behind for February.
Commitment. Commitment.
Short and Sweet!
Economy of words.

Namaste ~ May your recycling be prodigious and your day clear sailing without hitting too many posts in the snow.

Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Storm Warnings

As I listen to all the news about the “Big Storm” coming across the country and all the paralysis predicted, a part of me laughs. Twenty inches of snow, high winds, concerns about power outages, a part of me wants to dismiss it all as media hype and what is the big deal? It has been snowing on this planet for hundreds of years, people deal with it. We travel with emergency kits in vehicles all winter. Then I remember all the unique tips I forgot I’ve learned, living in snow country. For all those people who don’t live with snow and bone chilling temps on a regular basis, these may be useful and you probably won’t hear them on the news, amidst all the warnings.
Disclaimer: This information is to be used with discretion and common sense. Use these tips at your own risk. Keep the matches away from the kids.
If you were a Girl Scout or Boy Scout you may already know these things.

If you go outside, take off jewelry when it is below 20F and windy! Those pierced gold and silver earrings? Very pretty, I love mine, and when it gets cold enough and the wind chill drops, those precious metal earrings can cause freezer burn on your skin! Same is true if you have other facial piercings with metal jewelry.
Bet you didn’t hear that on the weather channel or the Today Show! There probably weren’t any warnings on the box they came in either. “Warning: Remove jewelry from exposed areas when the wind chill hits -10F” Remember the story of the kid who got his tongue stuck on the flagpole in winter? Same principle.

A 3″ (fat) candle burning in a metal coffee can will keep you warm in car or truck for hours. (You do need to light it, so matches are useful…)
Be sure to open your vehicle windows a crack before you light it and don’t put a lid on it…! You do need fresh air. Not quite like sitting in front of a fireplace, yet it could keep you from freezing to death. Also be sure not to set fire to anything in the vehicle.

Need to start a fire in an emergency if you get stuck in the woods or ditch and help is slow in coming?
A tip I learned from a logger (a big, burly tough guy):
Keep a Tampax in your glove compartment.
They make great emergency fire starters. Just ignite the string.
(It helps if you carry a few pieces of firewood, like we do…)
Stay safe. Enjoy the snow adventure. Keep warm! Remember the things you forget you know. 🙂 … and if you really want a belly laugh, imagine one of the news people trying to tell you about lighting the string on a tampon.

Namaste~ Star Bear