Post-A-Day2011 ~ Good Morning!

My best days happen when I jump out of bed, and greet my day with “What do I get to do today?” instead of “What do I have to do today?” or “What should I do today?”
(A Boogie Buddy at planetSARK coined the words. If I knew for sure who it was, I’d give them credit…)

I get to write.
I get to do the dishes in Joy Bubbles.
I get to plow snow and drive the tractor and think and write in my head.
I get to sit on the deck, in a 20F heat wave, with my dog and a cup of hot coffee, while watching woodpeckers at the feeder.
I get to pay the bills.
I get to edit words and images.
I get to nap and dream.
I get a day “off” to do what I love.
I get to love!
What do you get to do today?

Whatever “it” is I hope you LOVE.

Namaste ~ Star Bear


4 responses to “Post-A-Day2011 ~ Good Morning!

  1. I get to work for 8 hours
    I get to do laundry
    I get to phone my cousin (hopefully)
    I get to do homework
    I get one day closer to Sunday (which I’m already looking forward to with great relish)
    I may even get to write a letter to another cousin.
    And now…I get to go to bed! 😀

  2. I get to go outside and play.
    I get to eat a healthy lunch and dinner.
    I get to sort through photos.
    I get to wash dishes, do laundry, and clean house.
    I get to thoroughly enjoy this day. 🙂

  3. Greetings Star Bear!

    This post is something I would love to copy down and tape to my refrigerator! Every single day, I think about the bills I HAVE to pay, the food I HAVE to buy, the dishes I HAVE to wash, etc. This is a wonderful way to look at things, and I’m going to try my best to remember this: I GET to pay my bills, I GET to buy groceries, and I GET to wash the dishes. I think it’s so easy in life to forget to be grateful for what you have. The next time you find yourself complaining about having to pay the bills or was the dishes, stop yourself and think about how grateful you are. There are people in other countries who have no home, let along dishes to wash and they would be honored to switch places with you.

Your comments are appreciated!

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