Post-A-Day2011 – Postcards from my dream…

Every journey begins with one tiny step...

This inspirational postcard came about over time… I go to “my” summer studio, camera in hand, daily. Sometimes I go with a specific intention, to build something, to find something, to take a specific image. The day I took this photo, it was early morning, and I went to catch a sunrise. When I reached the lake it was foggy. No sunrise visible that day. Instead, I found footprints in the sand. There were big prints and little prints, mostly unclear, in dry sand. This one little footprint in wet sand was so clear! As I was shooting, I imagined a little kid walking dancing playing laughing on the beach with a parent. I imagined the parent keeping the child safe, calling a child away from the big waves, lovingly. I imagined a happy camping trip with a family. I didn’t know what I would use this photo for, I just had to shoot it… before a big wave washed it away, forever.
Some time later, in a phone call with a friend from Dream Boogie, we talked about our long term dreams. I remembered this image, I thought taken for no reason. To encourage her (and myself) I made this postcard and sent it to her.
It is a small part of my dream. To encourage others, to inspire, to use my gifts and skills as an artist to support others to grow into their dreams.
I have such fun at the beach! It is a clean canvas and sometimes I paint or draw on it and sometimes others do it for me. I just have to look, see, notice, shoot and share. Sometimes I teach and sometimes I am taught. Always learning, and each day the beach is different, just like life. I am grateful to the child who took a step close to the water, that the footprint lasted overnight and for parents who love their children. Mine did. Thanks!

Have a dream? Want to make it real… follow footprints, notice where they lead. You never know when you can use them or who walked there first. You can make your own footprints, dancing to your dream.

Namaste~ Star Bear


8 responses to “Post-A-Day2011 – Postcards from my dream…

  1. Thanks for the read! I appreciate being able to start my day reading positive pieces. Well done 😀

    • Thank you – You alone may appreciate tomorrow’s post… stay tuned! “Tuesday 2″… I wrote about you last Sunday… and didn’t even know you existed, til now. How I LOVE synchronicity and the serendipity of life!

  2. Its all in the journey isn’t it? I love travelling and luckily so does Jane my wife. Life though is the best journey we have to make and it is those we travel with that makes the trip worthwhile.


  3. It’s wonderful. Thought you might want to look at this;

  4. What a wonderful post — full of honesty and energy!
    I’ve been reading various posts of PostADay2011 bloggers to enrich my online community of friends, to get inspired and to get a look at art, photography, poetry, design, color and so much more. Thanks – Marge

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