Post-A-Day2011 ~ Weekly Planner OOPS!

Money - Do you Love it?

Money MONday ~ was your day be filled with loving MONey Miracles? Have you taken time for a nap?

In addition to loving a lot of people, animals, where I live, what I do, etc., I also LOVE MONEY! I admit it! It can be a beautiful thing. Depends how you “see” it. Do you look?
Where is the beauty in/of money? My favorite denomination in U.S. currency is Ben Franklin – he was a smart guy, kinda cute, funny and he graces the $100 dollar bill with a Mona Lisa smile.

That’s what this little image is about… Loving money and all the good it can generate, celebrating money! It may not be art, and it was fun to do, a work in progress ~ Photography and color. I am always shooting mundane stuff and pulled parts of this picture out of my treasure trove files. (Working on dancing money…. 🙂 )
While I live simply, it still takes money… and yes, there are things money cannot buy, like a beautiful sunrise, a child’s laugh, kindness from friends and family, loyalty, love, more time…
And yet
I LOVE being able to
pay my bills – heat my home – have a home to heat!
to buy, eat, share healthy food, and while I LOVE picnics it is also wonderful to have a table and chairs… indoors in winter.
travel (put gas in my truck to get to work, ride a bike, walk – yes, even shoes cost money… even the most modest travel plans require some money)
I LOVE snow, so I also LOVE being able to dress warmly.
I LOVE being able to support others in paying their bills by paying mine.
I LOVE being able to donate money to causes I believe in.
I LOVE spending time with friends and loved ones and having the communication tools phone, internet, etc. to be able to make those connections.

I love allowing money to flow. Like water and love and air, it flows into, through, and out of our lives. Giving it, receiving it, letting it go. There is more than enough to go around and sometimes it may become bottlenecked in different places. For anyone living in scarcity, it may become a scary bottleneck. For someone with a lot of money, it may become a scary bottleneck. Having money can be scary, not having money can be scary. Heck, living can be scary.

Reminding myself that money is simply a tool, not a measure of my own or anyone’s worth, (Is someone like Donald Trump or Howard Hughes or Queen Elizabeth worth more than you or me? Is comparison to anyone else even useful?) I also have to remind myself that my creating, making, earning money, honestly and with integrity, is not taking away from anyone else. I am capable of handling money wisely and don’t waste it.
It is the most commonly accepted medium of exchange for goods and services. You/I exchange time, work, energy for money so we can pay others for those services, and so goes the flow.
Since the people who provide services, like the utilities, banks, grocery stores, expect cash in exchange for their goods and services, part of my “job” in life is to discern what I need and want in my life and then find ways to generate sufficient exchanges to cover those. With this image I declare that I am open to allowing more Money Miracles to flow into my life. Are you?

So, while my Weekly Planner blog this week, may be a little out of synch with my original written plan, My Monday MONey Miracles happened in wonderful small ways… be careful what you ask for, you might get it and more. Allowing money to flow can be a lot of fun, and money can arrive from the most surprising places. I allow money to flow into my life freely, from my work, gifts, winnings, JOY. I am RICH, I am LUCKY, I am GIFTED from within and from others, and somehow, through pure miracles, love, and blind faith, even naiveté, I always have more than enough. I would love to create even more, so I could share even more.
Purchases, gifts, donations, earnings, are always welcome. They will be put to “good” use.

The next time you buy that thing you think you need, ask yourself, where does my money go from here? Who or what is my spending this money supporting, serving, helping, loving? Where am I in the flow of money? Am I in a river, a stream, floating on a lake? Paddling upstream and going nowhere fast? Do I even have a paddle? Do I need one? Do I need money?
No, not really. We can make the shoes, grow the food, build a fire, send smoke signals, et al, and live, survive, simply and beautifully. Do I want to be in survival mode? Not any more, been there done that. I intend and am shifting gears, pivoting in the place I came from… from survivng to thriving. I have “paid it forward” a lot, and am now catching up, thanks to wonderful teachers who are teaching me things not learned previously from parents, friends, in school…

How was your Monday? Mine was rich and full and beautiful and I celebrate going with the flow of an abundant stream of crystal clear water!
Money from the heart… flowing, even when the surface here seems frozen. As kids, we don’t think about breathing much, we just breathe, in and out. We love, letting it in and out. We dance, joyously. For me, Monday was about the dance – dancing with money, breathing, receiving, giving back, sharing, receiving.

This a long post ~ If you read it all, Thank you! If it created new thoughts for you, Super! If you want to leave a comment, GREAT! What are your thoughts, beliefs, successes with money? How do you “see” it, think about it, play with it? Do you love it or think it’s a bad thing?
Creating, handling, money may like any other skill or tool, use it or lose it… Just remember, we never forget how to ride a bicycle, even after not doing it for years. Yeah, I know, mixed a lot of metaphors in this one.

And the longest word count so far… not a lot of economy of words today.
May your day be filled with miracles, love, abundance and flow, whatever day you read this.

Namaste ~ Star Bear


2 responses to “Post-A-Day2011 ~ Weekly Planner OOPS!

  1. Money. I get mixed feelings when I think about it. It can give so much yet it can also restrict us. Think of Scrooge, his life revolved around money, he lived for it so much that he only gave himself the bare essentials in order to preserve money.
    It has the power to both grow and destroy us and thus is not something I like to take lightly. It already has far to tight a hold on us. Our lives are spent trying to make money so that we can live, we no longer know how to cope without it.

    There, that’s my mini rant for the day, money makes me sad.

    • Some may think that loving money is crass, greedy, bad, etc. Money is just a tool. Like guns – in the right hands. Guns and money are not inherently evil. They are pieces of paper and metal. I am happy because I am happy or sad because I am sad. I get to chose and feel my feelings, when I allow myself happiness I feel good. Do metal or paper have feelings? Metal is cold to my touch, paper is warm.
      Thank you for your sadness.

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