Post-A-Day2011 – Thursday THIRSTday

Thirsty for Clarity, I found it here...

Wednesday ~ Stay WEDded to your bliss
Thursday ~ May you not go thirsty ~ body, soul or mind…
I drink deeply of life. My glass is full and I am wedded to my bliss.
I was thirsty for clarity and find it here. Would you like a glass?
When I try to be other than I am, I am not.
So far a wonderful week. I wish you wonder and awe.

..and I had pizza for dinner tonight, spinach, cheese, garlic – so now I am really thirsty….no wonder about that.

Namaste~ Star Bear


3 responses to “Post-A-Day2011 – Thursday THIRSTday

  1. Oh boy, you just reminded me that I actually do need to get a drink. 😀

  2. That glass of water looks delicious. 🙂

  3. What a lovely post – I love the imagery behind your words. Thanks!

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