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Post-a-Day2011~ Postcard From My Dream

As everyone else rhapsodizes about Spring coming, here we watch the snow melt slowly. There is still over a foot of snow lying in the woods. Deep circles of space have melted around tree trunks warmed by the sun. Sap is running in nicks and cuts in pine bark… old and new wounds healing.
I have been writing a lot and not posting. Limited time, a computer problem, asking for and receiving miracles on a daily basis, transferring work assignments to a new position (bi-lateral movement, not forward?) making new art and new choices… creating opportunities – I am springing back into life, even as the snow slowly disappears.
The only other visible signs of Spring, thus far, have been the LIGHT and no fresh snow! Longer, brighter days pulling me to the beach, if only briefly, where, from the low ground of the beach, high snowbanks still obscure the waters of Lake Superior and a few pebbles melt down through the snow. As the wind blows from the North, the snowpack/icepack on the Lake washes in to shore then back out again. On different days the wonderful water is visible from the bluff, or not, depending on the Wind.
The sky is crisp and clear with infinite light!
Some patches of sand and sandy snow are appearing along the row of melting pools lining the backside bases of the view blocking banks. Unable to go in the best of daylight for fresh photos you can see it here.
And so… my post-a-day is barely a post-a-month… I found I stopped posting because while I do write every day, some is not yet for public consumption. In my excitement to share, I find I share too much and secrets I am learning to keep.

Who will want to buy my books if they are all free here? Sometime ago, I made a commitment to myself and others, no longer give it all away for free. So while I develop things to be offered freely, and as I create to also sell, I have learned to discern abit more carefully.
Those who love my work and find value and inspiration here… Thank you. There will be more, and freebies galore.

Yet even I, dubbed Miracle Maker, love paying my bills. So when the book is ready for sale you will be the first to know!

In the meantime, here is a freebie from one of my mentors! Calling all writers, wordsmiths, wannabe writers and those with a dream to write and share your work: Give this a click and play!
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May your day be filled with scrumptiousness – good food, good friends and writing with your favorite pen or crayon!
Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from the Beach

Symphony by Wind with Sand on Snow

Melodies from the Beach in Winter

In winter’s silence sleeping
Beyond the icy shelf
Lake and water keeping
Their music to them self

Paw prints to the tide pool
The only thing in sight
Blurred and fuzzy, much too dull
To capture in this light

Yet in this constant quiet
That coyote trickster track
Instead of passing by it
Circled, turning back

Followed that coyote
Walking side by side
Led to joyful music
Unheard in summer tide

Songs of frozen winter
Wind has writ this score
Written in the darkness
With sand on snow at shore

Symphonies in nature
Songs of night and day
Written by the wind
And left for me today

May your day be filled with joyous music from nature…
Namaste ~ Star Bear

Post-A-Day 2011 Postcard from the Woods

Crystal Clear and Sparkling

Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from My Dream ~ Miraculous Mistakes

Lines, shapes, color, drawing or painting?

Mistake?Linear Mistakes Take Form

Yesterday’s photo was a fresh perspective created by structure – horizontal and vertical lines – opening on a vast horizon, space. Dark stair rails, vertical trees, fat lines, skinny lines in a rigid, safe, familiar, understandable, comforting visual structure.

Keep moving…knowing what you can’t see right this minute is out there, you just have to keep moving to a new point of view to see it! At the bottom of the stairs, I found more basics and beauty…
… the vastness of sky, water, ice, snow. As I walk this seeming stark and desolate place, it is as if I am in an art gallery, and yet … there is beauty and danger: deep crevasses – ankle breakers, filled with fresh snow, hidden. The rim of the ice cliffs, undercut by waves, inviting me closer to the edge, and yet how far out dare I go?

I see drawings and paintings everywhere. I saw this line drawing in the snow at the edge of a break, tide pool below, higher cliff-bank. It became more painterly because it was one of those miraculous mistakes. Wearing gloves, I had inadvertently moved a setting on my camera and took several of these shots before realizing the “mistake.”

Later, while reviewing, editing, deleting (I delete a LOT of mistakes) I realized that this shot offered a very simple, beautiful and stark set of deep cut lines and soft curved shapes. Dancing lines of positive and negative space, invisible unless you see both. The mind’s eye leads in a pattern, left, right, down, up, around and through. In reality there is no “frame”, no box, just space. Georgia O’Keefe once wrote that she had been taught to “…fill the space beautifully” when looking at a blank page or canvas. It took her years to “get it”. Me, too! One can’t force art, just let it flow. Sometimes, I just have to figure out how to “frame” it. This is my beach and my studio. I love the subtle, quiet accidents that occur when my eyes, my heart, my dream, my camera and the images we take are all aligned in the best “frame” of mind.
The Universe supports our doing what we love even when we think it is a mistake. May your day be filled with miraculous mistakes!

Namaste – Star Bear