Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from My Dream ~ Miraculous Mistakes

Lines, shapes, color, drawing or painting?

Mistake?Linear Mistakes Take Form

Yesterday’s photo was a fresh perspective created by structure – horizontal and vertical lines – opening on a vast horizon, space. Dark stair rails, vertical trees, fat lines, skinny lines in a rigid, safe, familiar, understandable, comforting visual structure.

Keep moving…knowing what you can’t see right this minute is out there, you just have to keep moving to a new point of view to see it! At the bottom of the stairs, I found more basics and beauty…
… the vastness of sky, water, ice, snow. As I walk this seeming stark and desolate place, it is as if I am in an art gallery, and yet … there is beauty and danger: deep crevasses – ankle breakers, filled with fresh snow, hidden. The rim of the ice cliffs, undercut by waves, inviting me closer to the edge, and yet how far out dare I go?

I see drawings and paintings everywhere. I saw this line drawing in the snow at the edge of a break, tide pool below, higher cliff-bank. It became more painterly because it was one of those miraculous mistakes. Wearing gloves, I had inadvertently moved a setting on my camera and took several of these shots before realizing the “mistake.”

Later, while reviewing, editing, deleting (I delete a LOT of mistakes) I realized that this shot offered a very simple, beautiful and stark set of deep cut lines and soft curved shapes. Dancing lines of positive and negative space, invisible unless you see both. The mind’s eye leads in a pattern, left, right, down, up, around and through. In reality there is no “frame”, no box, just space. Georgia O’Keefe once wrote that she had been taught to “…fill the space beautifully” when looking at a blank page or canvas. It took her years to “get it”. Me, too! One can’t force art, just let it flow. Sometimes, I just have to figure out how to “frame” it. This is my beach and my studio. I love the subtle, quiet accidents that occur when my eyes, my heart, my dream, my camera and the images we take are all aligned in the best “frame” of mind.
The Universe supports our doing what we love even when we think it is a mistake. May your day be filled with miraculous mistakes!

Namaste – Star Bear


2 responses to “Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from My Dream ~ Miraculous Mistakes

  1. Would it sound too miraculous if I told you that there was a mirror image of this in my dream last night? I was interested in the river or lake in front of me, looking forward to summer activities, but the most important thing for the moment was to paint the edge of this one stroke with water colours. Maybe some other parts of “my” dreams were also yours: I was leafing through what seemed to be a very old catalogue and was very surprized to see 1962 as the date of print. I have no clue…

    • Michelle ~ I am laughing as I write this ~ So are you going to paint this in watercolor? Very little and everything these days amazes me and everything seems miraculous!
      What kind of catalogue were you looking at from 1962? Art supplies?
      We can continue this discussion in fb messages. Jammed at the moment, prepping for G.A.I.R.


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