Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from the Woods

Driving back and forth to work is taking longer these days, with camera handy. This sharp shinned hawk is hanging out in the same place, must be good hunting.

Sharp Shinned Hawk

Sharp Shinned Hawk

It took some time to decide if it was a Sharp Shinned or Cooper’s Hawk, and after getting some shots it was a bit easier. What do you think? You can compare Sharp Shinned Hawk with a Cooper’s Hawk by clicking on the names…

The Sandhills are nesting too! This pair has been returning to this location for about three years now, and announce their presence quite vocally.

Sandhill gathering nesting materials...

Sandhill Crane

I’ve been seeing him/her everyday on the way home. Their call is a loud and distinct squwak with a loud trill. Unmistakable! You can hear it here.

The flickers are back as well ~ good medicine.
May your day be filled with hawk-eye vision and squawking if you please!

Namaste ~ Star Bear

Bird ID
Sharp-shinned Hawk
Coopers Hawk
Sandhill Crane


3 responses to “Post-A-Day 2011 ~ Postcard from the Woods

  1. What a great lesson on appreciating all these birds. My dog really responded to the Heron. He wanted to find that bird. I really enjoyed the pop outs, and dragging them around I got a great surprise of many more pictures. I’ll always have a soft spot for the Blue Heron. The juvenile Heron is just beautiful. Thanks for this great information and all the beautiful pictures. Just great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos and education on your birds! It’s so wonderful getting a glimpse of nature — an unexpected gift!

  3. We have now moved into our new house, sign over the old one on Friday and travel to England the same day. We are a little dishevelled at the moment, but, it was a joy to see a kestrel swooping low across our new garden, on its way to scare the pidgeons on the pigeonaire, (spelling may be wrong there?) A great omen for our new start in the village.

    Its great to see all this wildlife around us and to enjoy all of it. Keep looking andf taking pictures.


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