Late Bloomers


Everything blooms in it’s own time. The north shore of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is beautifully bloomin’ at last. Some of us are “late” bloomers… what’s “late”? Can beauty be late? Is Mother Nature ever late?
May you burst into bountiful blooms when it’s your time.

Namaste ~ Starbear


4 responses to “Late Bloomers

  1. Hi Betsy. I love your photography and your upbeat attitude. I thought you might be interested to read a post I added to my own blog about your beautiful part of the country. I’m researching and writing a book about how our states got their interesting shapes, and my blog includes little excerpts from the book. Here is the post about the U.P. :

    • Thank you Lynn! Taking a peak… to read about the Toledo War… and to see where you are located. In Michigan, when someone asks us where we live, we habitually hold up our right hand and point to the part of the hand we live in… and then laugh a lot.

  2. In France this year our Flowering cherries were three weeks early, mid march. It has been an early spring this year and throws out a lot of the timings for local farmers..
    Good for the nature walks though, lots going on in the forest at the moment.


  3. I feel like a bit of a late bloomer myself… but I definitely believe in “Divine Timing,” and I guess it’s better to bloom late than to never bloom at all! 🙂

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