Theresa Reflects...

Theresa – Part of the Spirit of Place

Theresa was one of my first friends when I moved to the Upper Peninsula. One of the things she loved to do was to “take” me to her favorite places. Actually, I drove and she pointed the way. We laughed a lot about that… she was no longer comfortable driving into the woods alone. (She was in her 70’s then)
It was Theresa who introduced me to the beauty of one of my favorite beaches and on one perfect fall day I was able to capture this reflective image of her – dancing along the edge of a tide pool looking for agates. She had a beautiful voice and loved to sing, so sometimes we sang on our drives and to the Lake.
I created this as a greeting card for her, and she loved writing notes in them to her old friends, telling them about our adventures. When I asked her permission to use this image for one my first Lake Superior Images she was excited and honored that I named it “Theresa Reflects”. I was honored that she gave her permission. I kept her supplied with “her” cards and often told her it was all her fault. It was her fault that I began my ongoing series of beach images and spirit art. It was because of Theresa I began collecting and working with rocks… It was an ongoing joke between us. When I saw her last summer and asked if she wanted to go to the beach, she was unable to go.
Yesterday, I learned from her daughter that she left us on Mother’s Day. Knowing Theresa, it was her choice of days. She was a devoted Mom and I loved her as one of the inspiring women in my life. We shared a love of the outdoors, agates, and Lake Superior.
Thank you Theresa, for being a bright spirit and for sharing so richly with me. You are always with me at the beach and continue to inspire my work. Thank you for your reflections of love. Thank you for your laughter and songs. Thank you for being, wherever you are, singing, dancing, laughing, and being cantankerous! LOL! Thank you for being a good friend.

Namaste ~ Betsy


6 responses to “Theresa

  1. Just beautiful. What an honor to have such a great friend and to be such a great friend in return.

    • Robie – Thank you. We are all blessed with inspiring friends, I think, and even after they are gone, we may not be sure of their long lasting influences. In the moment, we may not fully realize how each person we meet may be a friend in some way. Life is blessed that way, when I take time to notice and acknowledge. 🙂


    thank you for the message and the photo. we did a picture board and this photo was on it.

  3. Hi Betsy,
    Theresa sounds very much like my friend Hope, who lived by a lake when I met her. She was 81 then and still swimming and skying, but got a stroke after taking an anti-coagulant at the dentist’s. She resurrected from that, but then fell and broke her back while in the hospital. She decided to leave quietly, but her essence remains with me and your post about Theresa confirms to me that there is always a Hope somewhere! My middle name is Therèse and I hope to be that inspiring to someone if I ever get to be that age.

    • M… You already are inspiring… You don’t have to wait! 🙂 Thank you for sharing about Hope and remembering her.

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