Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

Ripples of Gold...

Look familiar? Look up… 🙂
Have a beautifully reflective day…


8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

  1. Smarty Pants. Clever. Now we have to work for our inspiration. Okay. I appreciate that. I appreciate your wonderful pictures and constant creativity.

    • LOL!~ Thank you… The photo challenges – I have hundreds, thousands of images that meet the challenges… and today I am packing for the market tomorrow… to sell. I just thought it would be fun to recycle the image the header came from… Too many beautiful water images to choose from, so made it easy… if not totally new creation. 🙂

  2. I once saw some paintings like these, while on honeymoon in Cornwall. Like yours very simple and clean, just water over pebbles, they imparted the texture and quality of the water. Just like your photo. We stood looking for ages, unfortunately not in a position to buy one.

    Thanks for the reminder and for your picture too.


    • Thank you Jim for the kind words. This is available as a print – and affordable too. E-mail me if you are interested in a purchase.

  3. Such a stunning photo! Even though it’s part of your header, it’s still a winner! It captivates each time I see it!

    • Thank you, Marge for the huge compliment. It is rewarding to know that your are captivated each time you see it! THAT is part of what every artist works toward, I think, to create freshness and interest when a piece is viewed repeatedly.

  4. Makes me taste summer that picture…With all the rain we are having here… that pic is welcomed! Nice to see it twice… 😉

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