Morning… Postcard from the Beach


I’ve always loved this time of day and this song… Morning has Broken… Cat Stevens
May your day begin with love and light.
Namaste ~ Star Bear


2 responses to “Morning… Postcard from the Beach

  1. How wonderful to remember these great hymns:
    Morning has broken
    Like the first morning,
    Blackbird has spoken
    Like the firt bird.
    Praise for the singing!
    Praise for the morning!
    Praise for them springing
    Fresh from the Word!
    What a great start to every morning. Thanks

    • 🙂 Funny, I didn’t realize this was even a hymn until I researched it to find out if Cat Stevens wrote it or just sang it. Wikipedia has a lot on it, as well as Cat Stevens. He did not write the words, the music is an old Gaelic melody, and the words by a woman.
      Glad you enjoyed! Morning is my favorite time of day…

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