Sharing Light ~ Summer Solstice

Light Dancing

Today is the annual turning point in the cycle dance of seasons and time. Summer Solstice. May this day be joyful and light for you and everyone on the planet. Where I live, for the next few days, it will be getting light at about 4:30 am and staying light until nearly 11:00 pm. I will celebrate at the beach, in touch with water, rocks, light and the timeless energy and abundance of Lake Superior. Some of my friends are dancing for peace at Thirsty Dance. I miss them and was unable to attend this year… yet I will dance with them at the beach.
I will be sharing my joy and sadness and hopes and dreams that humanity is beginning to see the light, that more people will care for people and the planet we share.
These links seemed fitting for today:
GOOD STUFF: StarStruck

Some Not so good news about the oceans.

I am grateful for the internet and our ability to share around the world. As Leonard Cohen sings, so beautifully, “Ring the bells…There is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in…” You can listen here.
Another Leonard Cohen song, fitting today, If It Be Your Will…

So today, I dance, I sing, I love, I share, I let the light in and out. Breathing light -ly.
May you share your light with the world!

Namaste~Star Bear


2 responses to “Sharing Light ~ Summer Solstice

  1. My light is beginning to shine. Your light is shining brightly. Thank you for singing, dancing and sharing your joy with the world and everyone of us when you go to God’s studio of light and joy and spirit celebrating this day. Love for your messages of light and joy.

    • LOL! You are such a great friend! Right now waiting for sky to clear a bit and rain to stop… a chilly rain and that’s okay – it is time for rain… 🙂

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