Post-a-day-2011 ~ Cogito ergo sum

Shine on!


Cogito ergo sum
“I think, therefore I am” ~ Descartes

Evidence that I exist:
“I write, therefore I think, at least I think I think!” ~ Star Bear

I make art, therefore, I think visually, I think.
I am off today to be the visual artist that I am.
I am happy being me. I hope you, too, are happy being… you.

Namaste ~ Star Bear


6 responses to “Post-a-day-2011 ~ Cogito ergo sum

  1. There is no doubt that you think, I think! Take care.

  2. “I think, therefore I am” is my all-time favorite quote! Great minds think alike…I think.

  3. Thank you for reminding me that I can be happy being who I am , and all that I am!

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