Post-a-day 2011 – Retro Poster ~ Free!


Library Cards are FREE! So were the recycled materials used to create this collage...

Creating this poster for our “Get a Library Card” campaign was a lot of fun! (I work at a library) I felt like I was doing 1960’s retro hippie look. Everyone else working there is too young to remember the psychedelic look. I laughed a lot, every time someone walked by and said “Very Cool!” like it was something new.
Living in a small U.P. town, maybe psychedelic is just now arriving here? Recycling hasn’t, for the most part… except for a determined few willing to drive 100 miles to recycle plastic and metal… The Girl Scouts recycle paper.
I retrieved the material for this collage by reusing stuff already used and ready to discard.
Recycled materials, recycled ideas… guess it’s true that “fashion” comes around again every 40 years or so…
Yikes! We’re gonna go through this yet again? LOL! Hang on to those hip hugger bellbottoms… πŸ™‚
May your day be colorful and free – to read, to dance, to visit a library! We even have free Wi-Fi!

Namaste ~ Star Bear


2 responses to “Post-a-day 2011 – Retro Poster ~ Free!

  1. I love the library!!!

    • Treasure troves… mystery, adventure, explorations…. books, paper… sights, sounds, smells… wisdom at the tips of your fingers… LOL! πŸ™‚

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