Post-a-day 2011 – Circle Dance

Circles of Friends, Circles of Joy

Circles of stone...

Lao Tzu “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
… Step one: “The first step out of darkness can be blinding in the light… as we step into the light and our eyes adjust… we find ourselves surrounded by loving friends.”
Today it is a crowd, cheering me on…cheering for each other and I thought it was baby steps… or just going in circles… then the circles grew larger… while my slow eyes adjusted to the brilliant light. Creator is laughing with us… and the light is coming from everywhere… πŸ™‚
May your day be joyful and filled with color, friends, love and circles of laughter with friends!
Namaste ~ Star Bear
~ copyright 2011~Betsy Lewis
This post inspired by Daring Dreamers, SARK, Mike, Angi, my kids and my incredible circle of friends and of course, you and everyone who “sends” me to the beach for time outs! πŸ™‚ Thank You!

13 responses to “Post-a-day 2011 – Circle Dance

  1. This is not only a beautiful photo, your statement about it really hits home with me. I am trying to take “step one” in a lot of ways. I would love a print. πŸ™‚

  2. I find this an amazing coincidence. When I “created time” to write last night, I found myself writing ALSO about coming out of the darkness. Love your posts, Star Bear! πŸ™‚

  3. Judy (JP) Fleming

    As a Christian, non-fiction ‘writer’, (I’m using ‘poetic license’ here since I’m yet to have been called that by anyone other than myself), I often use rocks in my analogies of Christ, being “the rock.” I must say, your wonderful rock art and photography – and how it speaks to me – has sparked some significant probing thoughts and some beautiful words. (SARK is responsible for my ability to own the value of my writing!) THANK YOU for not hiding your creativity “under a rock.” Hope you’ll keep me on your list.
    Judy (JP)
    (Don’t know if I’m a guest or if I have log in info, etc?)

  4. Thank you so much for directing me to your blog. I love it! I really would love a print!

  5. This is so beautiful!!!! Love it, and love the inspiration for art all around us.

  6. That is beautiful . . . as are you dear one.

  7. Betsy, Starbear,
    I love this Medicine circle of stones photo. I gather from the Boogie Beans site that you and are of similar vintage. I would welcome more dialogue between us and a copy of this pic too please. I’d like to share a pic of an apacheta I’ve put on my place, near my yurt. It’s a focalizer for energy and lines up with Chief Mountain, situated at the Alberta/Montana (so-called) border.
    I enjoyed very much what you wrote about emerging into the blinding light.

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