Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Colorful

Colorful Meltdown

Colorful Meltdown

Dear Friends and devoted readers,
Today’s post is brought to you with a new shape. Imagine a square that is being pulled horizontally into a rectangle. That is the shape my photos and images are taking for now! Thus, no images. The past few days have been spent dealing with a computer failure.
Actually, the computer is fine. The monitor, however decided to fry itself, literally. As I was typing an e-mail, the view of the window suddenly changed to a distorted shape, like melting plastic, with rainbow colors all around the edges. Hopefully, and naively, I turned everything off, and rebooted. The distorted shape reappeared, now accompanied by the obnoxious stench of burning plastic or wires which seemed to be emanting from somewhere nearby.
Using colorful language, I immediately unplugged everything, and put the bloodhound nose to work. Yes, indeed. The smell was coming from the monitor. It is old. It is heavy. So with my adrenalin pumping, I was able to heft it off the desk and whisk it away to the nearest exit, declaring that if it did decide to burn, it would not be in my home office. The smell lingered, so windows open and ceiling fans whirring, I proceeded to thank my lucky star for some foresight. 3 years ago, when the monitor was acting just a wee bit balky, I had purchased a new ACER 22″ LED monitor. I had not used it, everything was still packaged.
Carefully following the simple directions, it was up and working in just a few minutes. Wow! Is it wide! The light weight is fabulous, and the small base and thin profile reduce the amount of desk space it takes up. Another bonus.

The downside – my S3savage4 graphics card is now incompatible. Adjusted settings, resolution, downloaded most recent driver. S3 graphics is no longer supporting this old card with new drivers. Do we want to know all of this? Of course not! I just want a computer monitor combo that works!
There are no computer stores within 100 miles, or friendly affordable techs… so I have given the information to knowledgeable friends, I hope, who are in search of answers.

Meanwhile, it was colorful. No time for a screen shot… so using only the x y coordinates and photoshop rulers, I offer this colorful rendering of the monitor meltdown squared. The e-mail looked sad as it faded… and the colors were like a melting rainbow…

Hoping any sadness fades quickly for you and may your week be filled with colorfully glad!

Namaste ~ Star Bear


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