Weekly Photo Challenge – Mountains

Basalt Rocks

These basalt stones are common along the Lake Superior shore in Luce County and are found large and small.
While the abundance of the basalt rocks is annoying to some agate hunters who dismiss them as too abundant, I find the variety of blacks and the smooth shapes quite beautiful. They are wonderful to hold in your hand, smooth and warm. Here, they often wash up on the beach with these little holes in them and many call them “holey stones”, others call them “omers”.
What has all of this to do with mountains? We have no visible mountains nearby, and this lava rock is from a mountain exploding somewhere. I have collected mountains of these.
They are also quite useful in saunas as hot rocks, for massages as warm rocks placed on the body, and for alleviating aches and pains. They have mountains of good energy and uses. There is more, stories for another day, perhaps… There are some beautiful Native American stories about them and how they came to be.
Meanwhile, you can learn more at these links:
The geology of Basalt
Omers at Wikipedia

May your day be filled with natural blessings and good energy!

Namaste ~ StarBear

5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Mountains

  1. Oh! The “magic stones”. You must tell their stories. It’s great to learn more about them. Thanks.

  2. Starbear….

    So cool for you to be writing about basalt rocks. My Wild Woman Stones were painted on Basalt Rocks that I collected on the beaches around here on the West Coast. Although I now published the Wild Woman Mystery Cards, every stone is still part of the cards…and I still paint them and sell them, and often have a waiting list for them! i was very excited to read about the basalt rocks from lake Superior, and didn’t know that the holes in them were sometimes called holy stones. Nice! I haven’t seen too many of those. Here’s the link to my website where you can see a picture of the Wild Woman Stones… http://www.wildwomanenchanted.com/faq.php

    They are on the bottom of the side bar to the right! I wanted to share them with you. From one kindred stone lover to another ❤ Namaste

  3. Betsy- These are so lovely. I had seen them earlier, but had been blocked from all blog sites for the past few days. Glad I can finally get to see these and get back to your wonderful site-

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