Weekly Photo Challenge – Mountains

Smoky Mountain Range

Smoky Mountains, near Cherokee, Tennesee ~ Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It was gray, chilly, rainy and even though it was November, the color had not yet turned. It was a quick trip with a beloved friend, delivering a car to parents in Florida.

The last time I was near mountains was on a mad dash to Virginia in a blizzard… no chances to really see them or shoot them while focussing on arriving in time (and in one piece) for a Thanksgiving visit with grandchildren.
Living in the Tahquamenon Valley, near Lake Superior, I may have regressed to thinking the world is fairly flat? It may be flat here, and yet somedays the challenges feel like mountains.

Perhaps it is time to visit real mountains again! Spin the compass and see what direction to travel?

May your day be filled with natural blessings, good energy and your compass be set towards a new direction!

Namaste ~ StarBear


5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Mountains

  1. I’ve had the honor of leading worship and preaching at a family chapel on the mountain above my community. Though this is not rea; name I call it
    Trinity on the Mountain.. wonderful views and grand people… Love the mountains….

    • Mountains are… magnificent. What a lovely place to talk with God! If it was good enough for Moses…. must be good enough for us. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous view of the mountains!!! Even the sky looks perfect! Sparks memories for me of traveling down I-77 to from OH to visit family in NC. A beautiful trip.

    • Thanks Wendy, for reminding me of the good memories I have stored in my images! This was a beautiful trip, too, albeit far too brief!

  3. The sight of the rising foothills with blue grey shapes in the distance, especially when I know that’s where I’m heading. That is what makes for great journeys.

    My wife usually takes over driving if we are only passing, as I become engrossed in looking and pointing while wondering aloud which to climb when I have the time.


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