Post-a-day 2011 + Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Fall

Fall ~ So fall this Fall so far is mostly RED!
Oh! Poor me. Life is so hard! LOL!

This fall is RED... 20 miles of walls of color...

I am forced to drive each day this road to work within these leafy walls
lined with red of every tint shade hue…
dark and light and wine and glowing reds
ablaze against green against skies of gray and blue.
The road glows without sunshine and where is yellow?
Hiding, peaking, sneaking, teasing between other brilliant views.

How glad the woods, they be not shy
shouting color to the sky…
“Look at us” they call, demand.
“It is FALL and we are leaving!”

Envy not this place in which I roam
travelling to work, then returning home
within and through these walls of color.
Poor me! Forced to endure this beauty for hours on end
over hills, around a bend…
a brief time this willing prisoner will remain
within these walls of color to exclaim
in awe and gratitude and joy.

Megwitch ~ Starbear

11 responses to “Post-a-day 2011 + Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Fall

  1. I guess it’s not a tragedy to drive this road everyday 🙂
    Really nice automn representation!
    Automn should arrive soon where I am… Can’t wait!


  2. What a dreary drive you have each day. 😦 LOL. Living in the South, we would never ‘see red’ like this for miles and miles. How amazing! Thanks for the beautiful photo. =)

  3. I do envy you. I miss the change of seasons in my sunny warmer climate. But none can match God’s fall dressing of his glorious trees. Thank you for this gift.

  4. northernnarratives

    Hello from Duluth. Great photos!

  5. Autumn is late here and I am waiting for the trees to turn. Our Apple tree in the garden has just flowered for the second time this year.

    Confusion reigns.


  6. I adore this photo with the brilliant reds, oranges and browns! I miss New England autumns so much. I miss the apples, the smells, the colors and the trees. Lucky you!

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