Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Fall: Marsh Magic

Yup… It’s still Fall. While blazing colors are still evolving in the hardwoods, there are other, less obvious, color changes in the trees, woods, and marshes nearby. Interspersed in the 20 miles of glowing color washed forest walls on the drive to work, expanses of marshland are quietly, softly and subtly making the transition from summer greens to yellow greens and gold. The Tamaracks may appear to some to be dying, as their tiny needles yellow, preparing to fall. Tamaracks are the one evergreen species that shed their leaves, needles, each fall.

Golden Tamarack

These trees, these places are some of my favorites. Not the crazy quilt of color, not as bright and blazing, and nonetheless beautiful. I find the subtle contrasts quietly taking my breath away as I stop to notice… gold all around.

Changing Marsh

Marsh Magic

Evergreen and Golden Marsh

May your day be filled with Nature’s Magic and breathtaking beauty.

Namaste ~ Starbear

2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Fall: Marsh Magic

  1. Smashing colors! Looks like a peaceful place 🙂

  2. Oh how I miss the changing colours of Fall. Thank you for bringing that beauty to my soul…

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