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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Winter ~ No Comfort Zone

Winter Choice 1

Sensuous Snow Curve

As part of a challenge created by a fellow blogger, Marge, I have decided to post some of my very favorite photos.
The challenge is called “No Comfort Zone 2012” and you can read more here.

The challenge is to step out of our comfort zones once a week and write about it. I am not sure I really have any comfort zones, so this challenge may mean finding one to step out of. Saying this is one of my favorite phptographs is stepping out of my comfort zone. It is so simple and minimalist, uncomplicated, crisp, clean, yet sensuous. It could seem cold to some, yet the curve adds softness, warmth. I like that. It also reminds me of the hipbone of a lover and that’s okay, too.

And so is this ~ even talking about my comfort zones is uncomfortable.
I am more comfortable in Nature than with people. I am more comfortable in Nature with people than at at party or bar. I find Nature calm, beautiful, simple and in it I find Simple Beauty. Sometimes stark to others, yet the balance and rhythms of Nature suit me. Snow fascinates me. Wind fascinates me. Color shape and line entrance me. Change fascinates me. Shifting winds and weather fascinate me. People also fascinate me. Yet, in large and noisey groups of people I can be very shy. To counteract shyness, I can also become loud and obnoxious. I don’t drink alcohol much or often because I am am not fond of the person I become while drinking… more shy or more obnoxious.

Others can drink vast quanties of alcohol and not care what they say or do. My small physical size may have something to do with it… one beer or glass of wine and I can become really stupified or sleepy or flirtatious or any number of behaviors. I can also become all of those without alcohol. I prefer consciousness and conscious awareness for myself. Just my preference for me.

Stepping out of my comfort zone – going to a neighborhood New Year’s Eve Party. Some people there may may become falling-down inebriated, which also will be their choice. Others will stop by and say hello, catch up on neighborhood happenings, eat a hot dog, watch the fireworks. I have helped with this neighborhood gathering for several years, including this year. I have attended it, as well. So why is this a challenge for me?

This year I am going without judgment, as an observer and participant, to people watch perhaps, to please no one… to just be a participant in ending 2011 and welcoming in 2012 with my neighbors, some of whom I like, some of whom I love, some with whom I have had less than wonderful relationships. See what I mean about judgments? Tonight I may drink one beer and maintain balance. Tonight I may toast the New Year with champagne or sparkling grape juice. I may talk to one person or many. It won’t matter. I will be fine, just being me.

So today I will only judge my photographs – not people. It is simple and beautiful and fun. I can control the images I make. I cannot control others. I allow light to shift and dance in my images. I can allow others to shift and dance. I can just be me, shifting, growing, dancing, alive in the company of others – with no judgments and with full awareness of my choices. If this makes sense to you…great! If not, that’s great, too!

In large groups this can be very scary for me. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Happy New Year!
May your wishes and dreams come true… mine are.

Namaste – Star Bear

Postcard from My Dream – Farewell Post-a-day 2011

Building ~ one stone at a time. Living my life, one step at a time...

Stepping into a New Year...Building ~ one beautiful stone at a time. Living my life, one joyous step at a time...

Some days there is not much to say… I love, I am here, I am loved, I love being me. As the year comes to a close, all is well. It’s snowing, it’s morning, a new day. I am awake, alive and deeply happy. I always have been, and sometimes I forget that. Today, I remember what happiness feels like, deeply joyously deliciously happy. Too many words… and still they cannot truly say it for me. Ahhhh… Hoping your year closes with love and joy – and that 2012 is as joyous for you as you wish. Mine is going to be fabulously wonderFULL! Namaste ~ B

Postcard from the Woods ~ Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice – the coming of the Light and Retreat of the Dark ~ in the Northern Hemisphere. The day was bright and sunny, cold, with snow still on the ground. I have been preparing for this for months – storing some of the best firewood carefully to keep it dry. Preparations – cleansing, cleaning, clearing, and moving some snow. Once again, I had a ceremony here in the woods and it was fabulous, moving, touching, sacred, cleansing, funny, shared with friends in person and others in spirit. All day the fire burned brightly in the sacred space where regrets, mistakes, the dark stuff, are written down and burned in the fire. Forgiveness, gratitude, hopes, dreams, intentions expressed in all directions to people, friends, the universe, and of course, God, for blessings (even those in disguise), miracles, love…. written down, placed in the fire and carried into the universe by gentle breezes.
I hope at some point in the yesterday of Winter Solstice, you too, were able to take time to honor and acknowledge the passage of the seasons, the year, the return of light and retreat of the dark, your growth and expansion ~ and the people in your life who teach, guide, love and share. My lists were long and if you are reading this, you were on my list – of blessings in my life. ♥

This is where the fire burned – the contrast of light and dark before the fire was built and lit…

Ring of Fire - Before

Last year’s total lunar eclipse of the full moon on Winter Solstice was amazing – see When the Universe Aligns. This year, the Universe aligned perfectly once again.
Namaste ~ StarBear

Postcards from my Dream – Unfinished Angels

Angel from the Woods

Angel from the Woods ~ Angels of Light

It is hard to fathom that so much time has passed since my last post, Dark Storms and Rainbows. For the last 55 days life has been kind of like that – dark, stormy, with many beautiful moments of color and light… Sometimes life moves faster than I seem able to keep up with…

Blogging took a back seat to Life – teaching, completing classes, beginning new classes, participating in my community, saving my home from foreclosure, my truck from being repossessed, my internet and utilities turned on, repairing the tractor, preparing for snow, printing photo and greeting card orders from angels… and making new art, from stones and painting – angels, and assisted and supported by angels in my communities, online and right here where I live. I would not have survived without assistance from angels…

This is the story of The Unfinished Angel ~ the Angel that wouldn’t dry, I thought, in time for a deadline! LOL!I painted her as part of a community project for the H.S. Key Club. Participants purchased a blank wooden cut-out of just the angel, painted them, and then they were put up for silent auction to benefit the community. They are quite large – about 18″ high and some will decorate the community Christmas tree. A friend bid on mine and I told her if she won the bid, I would finish it just for her. At the last minute an unknown bidder won her away, so she is decorating something somewhere. I guess they didn’t see her as unfinished…are angels ever incomplete?
I called her angel of the woods. I finished her on the computer and she is now my Christmas card. Another friend, upon seeing the unfinished original dubbed her the Angel of Light. I like that! So, Merry Christmas from this quiet little angel of light and me. May your holidays be filled with angels…

Yes, Angels! I have been spending time with many angels in the last 55 days! Could it be that it is part of taking “A Course in Miracles”? 🙂 I am grateful to all of the angels in my life who have lifted me up, danced, laughed, cried with me, and pushed me forward and up!
May your holidays be filled with Miracles and Angels, time with friends, family and much love.
Namaste ~ Star Bear

P.S. to subscribers – I will be e-mailing the 10 Tips for taking better photos after January 1, 2012. Thank you for you patience! You are not forgotten!