Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Winter ~ More Snow Color + NoCZ 2012

On the Road to Dreams...

On the Road to MyDreams in Frosted Snow Color

Closer to the Dream!

Further Along the Road to My Dreams in Frosted Snow Color

This may not seem like part of the No Comfort Zone 2012 Challenge, yet it is, for me.
I have avoided posting my best work online, for many reasons… and as part of my No Comfort Zone Challenge, I decided to share some of my best and favorite images. After all, if no one sees them, how can they purchase them? LOL!

As I began to think about posting these winter photographs, I realized that I have been afraid to post some of my favorite photos. Some of them are really wonderful. Some are incredibly beautiful! (Some, like “Snow Color” sell like hotcakes, when they are seen. LOL!)

I have been afraid that someone would take them and use them without acknowledgement, credit, paying for them… (F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real)
The Evidence? I have had numerous photos mysteriously appear on other websites without credit or payment, then a friendly neighbor even downloaded a set of 4, framed them, hung them in her home, then invited me to dinner. When I saw the poorly printed lo res prints hanging in her living room, I went ballistic. I felt so betrayed! Then I gave her a signed print for Christmas that year, because I didn’t want badly printed crappy work out in the world… and because she had been a good friend.

I had this THOUGHT: I can’t trust people, especially intelligent friends who disrespect copyrights. If a knowledgeable friend would do this, what about strangers, net surfers, those I don’t even know. So I have been afraid to trust people when it comes to my work. Not trusting one person can mean trusting no one. It can mean I don’t trust myself, either. Turning it around. I am afraid to trust others, including myself. Turning it around, others are afraid to trust me. Turning it around again, I am afraid to trust me. Turning it around again, if I can’t trust the people closest to me, who can I trust? Turning it around again, I am afraid to trust the person closest to me – me. It is kind of like being a little bit pregnant. You either are or are not. I either trust or I don’t. Yes or No.

False Evidence Appearing Real? Yet… many others love my work and want to see it hanging in their homes or offices or give it as gift. They are willing to buy it, wait for the prints or jpegs to arrive, send money, give credits, and when their art arrives with checks they include wonderful love notes like “Your images feed my soul.” “You see things differently than any one else.” “Please, keep sharing beauty with the world.” “Your photographs are so beautiful.” “You have such a gift for seeing.” “I love your images…” “Thank you for bringing such beauty to light.” “My friend will love this gift..” “You don’t charge enough…” “Your work, art work is a service to people…” “No one else photographs, captures that place the way you do…”

Just this week, another blogger Orel, who also has beautiful nature and snow photographs from Scotland, said: “Starbear, I think you just posted the most beautiful picture I’ve seen on wordpress so far. I mean it. This line is pure and perfect. Too bad I can’t enlarge it. I wish you a happy new year!” (Sensuous Snow Curve)

Sometimes I am afraid to let the good stuff in, and dwell on the stuff that is uncomfortable. Sometimes, I’m also afraid to let my good stuff out. This is the good stuff… and I am open to receiving the good stuff.
(Oh how we judge… good, bad, better, worse…)
That’s why posting these is an act of courage, for me. I trust. I trust myself to share my work. I trust others not to take it, and if they do? I can protect it by posting small images, add watermarks, add copyrights. Sometimes I do give it away, just because I want to, with love. Some people will take it without asking, some will buy it, others will say nice things about it, others will criticize it. Those who take it will not get the best. Those who ask, will. We can always work something out. I don’t like being mean. Trust me.

What I want is for people to love my work and respect my gift. What I want for me is to love my work and respect the gifts I have been given and share them and I also want more financial freedom to be able to give of myself freely, with love, and making loving choices. I have forgiven my friend; I have renamed her “Opportunity to Love.” We are no longer close. Lesson learned in the classroom of Life. If I can’t trust myself, who will trust me?

I will continue to post my favorites, some of my best. Stay tuned!
If you would love to purchase a print for yourself or as a gift, check out the SHOP. Almost all of the images on my blog are available as signed prints. Instructions for purchasing are in the Shop link above and at the top of the page.
Bottom Line: I trust me. If you read this far, I trust that maybe you found another beautiful gift here, too.

Namaste ~ Star Bear


13 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Winter ~ More Snow Color + NoCZ 2012

  1. Beautiful photos….like fire and ice.

    You’ve captured Nature’s beauty and your own – with understanding that it’s about trusting YOU and that you’ll be able to handle/manage/work through whatever comes to you in this life. xo

  2. Osiyo Betsy/Starbear, so enjoy your blogs and especially the beautiful photos, but that giant copyright watermark across the photos really detracts from the inherent beauty! I know your wonderful work needs to be protected, so I’m not sure of the solution, but I’d love to see the photos without the “skywriting”! Again, wado for the lovely thoughts always contained in your blogs!

    • Miigwitch my friend! How wonderful to hear your voice! Yes, I find the skywriting totally disturbing. Each time I add it to a photo it feels like destructive graffiti. However, I have learned many lessons by not doing that. As I continue to learn, perhaps I will find another way. Two years ago, I was embroiled in a copyright dispute and found that it would cost me $2500 simply to hire the copyright lawyers to compare my original to the infringing work. It becomes a federal case, literally. That is not how I choose to spend my energy, time or money. If there is another way, perhaps another blogger may point the direction.
      Is there a new book coming? I heard you were travelling?

  3. That whole blog is beautiful… beautiful photos, beautiful words, beautiful wisdom, beautiful truth, beautiful insights, beautiful SHOP, beautiful progress 😉 beautiful truth … ALL is beautiful….

    You are simply …. Beautiful ….. all of you… every little bit of you . . . 😉

  4. Thanks for sharing these absolutely stunning photo’s. Artistry at work.

  5. Starbear – It was precious to read your train of thought and arrive with you at the end result …. trust yourself. As I viewed your photos, I can understand why you want to protect them and also, I understand why you need to put them out there for others to see.

    I am learning so much from my blogging friends and admire the courage it takes to put this process into words. Thank you for this…

    • You are quite welcome, Marge. Courage? Thank you for naming it “courage” sometimes it just listening to my thoughts and questioning them. I don’t have to believe everything I think. What a concept!

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  8. I understand completely your concerns. It is a huge dilemma in the world and I’m not sure how it will be resolved. Lovely pictures!

    • Thank you, Watching Seasons. I am resolving it… with a little help, no, a lot of help, from my chief CEO and CFO … 🙂 — my work is recognizable and unique, as mine. I am trusting my chief advisory board will protect and enhance my ability to share. That is my work – to share the beauty the we have been gifted in the universe with the universe.

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