Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Launch ~ NoCZ 2012 ~ Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Launch. Sometimes a launch is tiny. A Baby Step. Baby Steps… putting one foot in front of another, moving forward. Is a launch always upward or can it be simply movement? Sometimes it’s a leap of faith and one foot just shoves off and we leap. How fun to be leaping with others again this year!

About this photo: On a sunrise beach walk, I found two sets of footprints heading toward the water, unclear in dry sand. One set of large footprints, one set of tiny, side by side. I imagined a small child, walking hand in hand with a parent or grand parent, then frolicking on the beach in the early morning light. There was a single tiny footprint, clear, near the edge of the water, untouched as yet by the washing waves. The child allowed to explore, then called back, perhaps, away from the water, kept safe.
The image and words were a gift to my friend Usha, in California, as we launched our dreams together and laid out our plans for the year 2012 – back in 2010. We spoke on the phone and in class, and she had the most beautiful, kind, joyous voice and laugh. We are both creating our dreams, grounded, one step at a time.

The Gift: If you are doing the NoCZ Challenge or not ~ Print it out if you wish. Carry it with you, put it on the fridge. Remember to be patient with and kind to yourself and others as we take Baby Steps or leap into new territory…. and remember to laugh at the water’s edge! Jumping in – the water feels great!

Namaste ~ Star Bear


11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Launch ~ NoCZ 2012 ~ Baby Steps

  1. Beautiful, Betsy. I love that you and a friend used this image, words and the energy of it all to be your guide for this magical year. Thank you for sharing its grace with all of us who are taking this ‘no-comfort’ challenge. xo

  2. Love this image and poem and how gracious of you to share it with us!

  3. Beautiful picture.

    Good luck with the NoCZ thing.


  4. Starbear – it really is fun leaping with a group of others. This way we can support, encourage, hug and feed each other when the need arises. Love the words, image and poetry!

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  6. Oh dear Betsy… to see ‘baby steps’ here in this way made me smile. I can not congratulate you enough. You took a difficult spot, reached out and created a miracle. I know ‘baby steps’ then were not easy for you, and now, look at you! I am inspired by you, motivated by you, blessed by you, and am deeply grateful for our connection. My thanks… xoxo

  7. I just knew you would re-claim your self. Brilliant! And I love this piece šŸ˜‰

  8. Oh, Betsy…the photo is magnificent. Baby steps are steps, nonetheless, and moving us in a direction of our dreams. I loved the story behind the picture, too! šŸ™‚

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