Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Simple ~ NoCZ 2012

 Possibilities... somewhere seeds

Simple - Beach Grass + Snow

This week’s photo challenge is Simple.
I like simple. Simple is easy – for me. KISS – Keep It Simple, Silly!

The NoCZ 2012 Challenge of week 1 has not been forgotten… posting some of my favorite photos, those I consider simply beautiful. This photo, taken on a sunny snowy day, minimum wind, allowed the snow to stay on top of the seeds. I saw this and thought once again of the changing seasons, and how each one holds possibilities for the next. The frozen seeds eventually blow and land somewhere on the beach, plant themselves and grow, repeating cycles. A simple image with sun, water, life, all in a light moment.
NoCZ 2012 week 2 – sharing my work more, with more people. Locally, orders now taking more time to finish and I feel so slow…. even with 2 snow days and much snow plowing.
Week 3 – without stating it, which now I do, is to let people know my work is for sale and how to purchase…. which has been fun and problematic. How to get it done and delivered, while I work, plow snow, and allow for drying time. It is all becoming part of a discipline process, and more baby steps. One thing at a time.
Week 4 – This week, acknowledging others including myself, saying thank you to followers, customers, friends.
Writing – a bio, vitae, for publicity purposes at work, I found myself saying things about me that were true and yet it was challenging to sing my own praises…. and yet I found the words. ‘A graduate of … and … an internationally collected artist, still maintaining an actively creative studio working in a variety of media, and has been recognized as an innovative teacher…” Credentials. Credibility.

That was not so simple. I like simple, and yet no one here knew. I always believed my work would speak for itself and I was to be invisible. Not any more, I guess. My work travels ahead of me. I recently realized and stated aloud… I am now allowing my art work to create itself… conciously, and allowing myself to be more myself. I call it having fun.

Life can be simple and fun when we allow it… May your day be filled with simply being. Thank you for reading, acknowledging, getting personal.

Namaste ~ StarBear


10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Simple ~ NoCZ 2012

  1. “I always believed my work would speak for itself and I was to be invisible.”

    Yes, I have felt that way also…would like a creative offspring to see the light of day but always assumed that i could remain invisible. You, Betsy, seem to be handling the transition very well…have put your finger right on it, so to speak. Lovely to witness this.

    Shine on, my friend,


  2. Bravo!!!!!!!!!

  3. The joys and beauty of simple yet memorable images and visions. Well captured, timeless and exudes calmness. Inspiring.

  4. Bravo for becoming visible as an artist! Your photography is amazing – I’d like to be standing next to you in those beautiful places!

    • Thank you Marge – and you ARE standing next to me in these beautiful places… if you ever get to this part of the world, I would be honored to share them.

  5. Each week you put yourself out there just a little bit more – and the world didn’t stop turning! What will the next few weeks bring?

  6. I am now allowing my art work to create itself.

    I love that statement. Can relate in a similar way – with my writing and ‘writing a book.’ It seems natural, do-able, ‘next.’ And yet, it’s not. There isn’t a call, a movement, a self-creation in that direction. Thus, I have agreed to let my writing create itself.

    Beautiful. Your sharing, your artwork, your spirit. Thank you. xoxo

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