Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Simple Elements ~ NoCZ 2012

Elemental Building Blocks

We live in a simple world, made of simple elements. Air, Water, Fire Earth. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. Breath, Breathing…
I live in a friendly, abundantly beautiful universe. (Oh yes, I judge… LOL! It’s our job…! Yes, I can have opinions…)

Is this a photo of sunrise or sunset? Does it matter? I saw this view and at first thought of building blocks… they could be stone and yet they are snow. Is this a wall being built or falling down? Does it matter?

Simple elements, arranged in order by nature, Air, Fire, Water, Earth… Grounded and uplifting. How can this be? Dichotomous.. light dark rising falling … so simple, so mysterious.

I saw the repetition of shapes – in the line along the top of the blocks, softly repeated in the light, and then again in the darker sky… and in between the blocks a tiny spot of light, a dot where the rising/setting sun punctuated a sentence of gorgeous light.

The very first handmade book I made contained one poem and a simple drawing in blue on white: “It’s all right for there to be some places left in mystery…”

Is it sunrise or sunset…? you get to choose. What if it is both? What if it a just the pigment of your imagination, or mine? What is real, anyway?

Yesterday, as I was leaving for work, I took a moment to hug a neighbor, who hugged me back with warmth and love, even though it was 20F outside. The bark was warm against my cheek and body and we were happy ~ together. I clearly heard “Thank you for your kindness.” Surprised, I drove to work singing and the rest of my day was filled with love.
Yes, it’s alright for there to be some places left in mystery… and out of my comfort zone once again. Telling the truth. Yes, I talk to trees, and they speak to me from roots deep in the earth. When I am grounded, I can stand tall and reach for the sky… and breathe. Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Elementary, my dear, Watson.

May your day be filled with simple, mystery, choices, surprises… love.

Namaste ~ StarBear
copyright 2012 Betsy Lewis


3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Simple Elements ~ NoCZ 2012

  1. Leaves me breathless: not just the photo, which is stunning, but your words as well. Thank you for making me notice the repetitions of the block shapes and the light and cloud. My first thought was sunrise. But when you spoke about whether it mattered or not, you were right. It doesn’t. And having decided that, I saw that it could also be sunset. I wish I had your photographer’s eye. I shall have to be happy with my poetic one. Carol

    • Thank you, Carol. I am happy to share noticing… the simple. I “see” repetition and patterns in Nature’s Beauty… and I “hear” that beauty in poetry and music. The beauty of souls, old and young is everywhere. Noticing, just noticing… is so simple when we take the time. Being happy with what is, loving what is…

  2. Oh Yes! Hug a tree. Only God can make a tree. it’s an incredible experience when a tree talks to you. I believe in God’s blessings and one of them is the beautiful trees across our land. What a joyous day you had after hugging a great friend. I have some new trees now; babies rising tall in their couplings until they can handle the fearce winds we have here. I need to talk to them more often. I’ve already prayed over them that the drought we’ve had for so long here will not have harmed them in their infancy. How great to be remneded of the trees and their wisdom. Love, Robie

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