Happy Valentine’s Day! Win My Heart! Really!

Having fun with Love on Valentine's Day!

To enter the contest read on ~ How to have a little fun on Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day – a day on the Calendar created for Universal Agreement that to have a special person in your life, a lover, a special partner is the thing to do or … you get to feel bad, feel alone, be sad, feel left out, unloved? Blah, Blah, blah… I say Celebrate You and your love for yourself, your friends, your family. Celebrate being, Celebrate breathing, Celebrate this beautiful Earth – and being who you are and able to do what you love.

I get to “do” lunch with a friend I always have fun with, surprise a few other friends, wish my Granddaughter a Happy Birthday and sing a song to her on her phone. I get to go to a job I love and particpate in the NoCZ challenge…. and I get to post the progress I have made on my Stone Heart Series… 22 stone hearts. I loved making these. I loved gathering the stones from the beaches nearby on Lake Superior (on warmer days).
Each stone collected for it’s individual beauty, carefully selecting the stones for each heart, making little relief sculptures, and thinking of people I love or who were at the beach with me as I collected stones. I will love selling them, too…. as a way to share the beauty of stones, the energy of stones, the love the planet gives us in the form of beauty in the simplest things… stones.

Want to win a set of my hearts? Three people can win – just answer one of these questions in the comments:
1. How many blog posts on my blog include heart images? (Hint: the first one tells how and why I made the first Big Stone Heart and the second one is here – How and why I made the second small stone heart.) There are more posts – if you like playing detective, this one is for you. How many of my posts include heart images? Not hearts, posts. In the event of a tie, the first correct answer posted in comments wins.
2. How large did the the first Big Stone Heart measure? (Statistical readers and researchers for facts may love this one.)
3. Guess the total number of stones in the 22 hearts in the photo. Do NOT count the natural heart stones scattered between the hearts. Closest guess to the actual # wins – and in the event of a tie, the first entry posted in the comments wins! (Bean counters and mathamaticians may do well here.)

Please enter only once. One prize will be awarded for each of the 3 questions – for a total of three prizes.
What’s the prize? A set of 4 Heart blank note cards – a $15.00 value – using images from the series of heart stones. Entries must be posted in comments by Thursday, February 16th, 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Winners will be announced and correct answers provided on Monday, February 19th. Good Luck and have fun!

Have fun this Valentine’s Day! Invite a friend to enter the “Win My Heart” contest, too.
There’s more than enough love to share!

After the contest, the stone hearts are for sale. The largest hearts are 6″ x 6″, the medium are 5″ x 5″ and the smallest are 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2 “. Before the week is out I will have individual photos and prices up for each. They are each handcrafted with sculpted finished backs, they are nice to hold in your hands. Feeling the stones feels good. They are wonderful to meditate with, look at, hold, get in touch with nature.

Namaste ~ StarBear

P.S. This is way out of my comfort zone!


17 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day! Win My Heart! Really!

  1. I’m guessing a total of 658 stones make up all the hearts!

  2. I just wanted to say that I really like your idea of celebrating the Valentine’s Day!! Also, the heart contest is really great! Hope I can come up with the answers 🙂

  3. The first Big Stone Heart was over 6 x 6 feet! Love your hearts! Had to share this song with you “Cold Paper Heart” by Tucker Finn – link to her webpage (http://radio3.cbc.ca/#/artists/Tucker-Finn) – just click on the play arrow for “Cold Paper Heart.”

  4. A sweet dozen posts contain heart images. It was lovely Betsy going back and revisting your lovely images. So much heart and spirit shared in them…thank you

  5. Hi Betsy! Happy Love day to you! What a fun contest!

    I’m going to guess 1234 stones for question #3. 🙂

    (“The Price is Right” just flashed through my mind – hehe.)

  6. the big heart was 6’x6′. You made this for your sister who was very sick at the time. There were 9 blog posts with hearts. there are approximately 560 rocks in the heart picture. My best guess! I loved looking at all your artwork-it makes me appreciate nature so much!

  7. Hi Betsy! I LOVE this contest – but my brain isn’t in the detective mode but is in the guessing mode with my favorite number of 9 so with staying close to what the others who posted said (kind of) :-), I’ll say 999! 🙂 Hearts are one of my most favorite things in the world! My mom used to make us kids Heart Doily Valentines every year. It makes me smile every year to think of them and her. She’s such a sweetheart! Love you!

  8. Hi Betsy,
    I’ll guess that you used 555 rocks for your hearts.
    What fun! — MK

  9. Hope you had a lovely one too! 🙂

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