Win My Heart! and the Winners are…

The original 22 hearts...

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, read through my blog and waited patiently for the results and answers!

First to answer Question # 1 correctly was Paula with her answer of 9, which meant surfing my entire blog and counting the # of posts with heart images! Paula – Congratulations for your Perseverance!
Q 1 was “How many of my posts include heart images? Not hearts, posts.”

Congratulations to Wendy Fedan for being the first to correctly answer Q 2: “How large did the the first Big Stone Heart measure?” Over 6 feet x 6 feet.

Congratulations to Crowing Crone Joss for her very close guess of 658 stones in answer to Q 3, “Guess the total number of stones in the 22 hearts in the photo.”
The total # of stones in the 22 hearts is 720.

Please provide your mailing address by writing it in a comment, so I can get your prize mailed out to you! (Comments here are moderated and only I will see it, it will NOT be posted).

To everyone else who entered an answer or made a comment, Thank You!

In Sunday’s post I said “see you tomorrow” – and this is a day late. It seems I am very human and my body is reminding me of it. While out and about enjoying the sunshine, I took a very bad fall and landed on my backside ~ hard and creating a brief NoCZ. Taking care of myself included not sitting at the computer for the remainder of the day. So once again, I am sorry for the delay… and I am fine this morning… (Apple cider vinegar and Vitamin C didn’t help with this! LOL!)

Just for fun ~ the small green heart, which I call “Evergreen,” consists of a total 20 stones and contains 2 other heart stones, visible in this close up.


This image also gives you a pretty good idea of the actual sizes of the hearts. The small ones, like this, are 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ I will be writing about each heart over the coming weeks, as the heart series continues to unfold… slowly.

May all of your hearts be filled with love and joy!
Namaste ~ StarBear
Copyright 2012 Betsy Lewis

11 responses to “Win My Heart! and the Winners are…

  1. Yay! Whee! Thank you! YAY!!

  2. Congratulations to the winners for the beauty they’ll be receiving. Congratulations to you, my friend for the gifts you’ll be sharing. All within the realm of the heart. xoxo

  3. your hearts are beautiful (and the winners are lucky). i am familiar with the symbolism of ‘the heart’ (boom: but am curious if the choice of stones as the basis for constructing hearts is intended to be part of the symbolism? it’s the contest and awarding of ‘your heart’ (beautiful BUT stony, lol) that got me wondering. again, they are really nice… and am sure yours isn’t made of stone.

    sidenote: per your ‘about’ page, i visited unfortunately, the domain is now a squatted. however, these pages are still available (via the waybackmachine) here:

    • Mr. Green – Thank you for your kind words – LOL! As I typed your name – Green – I burst out laughing – today was the EverGREEN Heart. There is much symbolism related to the color Green and the Green heart has provoked a number of questions and discussions about the heart symbolism and the color choices. Thank you for asking here. Yes, the colors are part of the symbolism, which I plan to write about in future posts.
      Some of the color choices in the hearts are limited by what I am able to procure at my natural art supply store – the Shores of Lake Superior. The availability of stone colors change with the weather, the wind, the waves, literally. The shapes of the stones also help determine the choices and colors seem to roll in on waves – waves of color – as if mined by the Lake and tossed at my feet in sorted groups. Different seasons, different colors. Different days, different colors. A storm blows in and the pallette changes yet again.
      I have only found 1 blue stone here in my years of rocking. Soul…related to heart shapes – stones contain ancient energy – and I am an old soul, tapping into that energy. Ahh – another post, probably.
      In regard to randomactsofthinking – yes, thank you for reminding me it is a dead link, and thank you for the Way Back link, I think – ?
      Whether my heart is stoney, hard or cold – guess that depends on who you ask and if you ask 720 stones – they know the answer…
      – I have also made Ice Hearts… and they melt away!
      I am not being coy, – my future posts will answer your questions, if you are patient – I write slowly and thoughtfully about my work and I try to keep my time balanced… between jobs and work and play and oh yes, sleep.

  4. wow, I am one of the winners. Love stones, have collected them all my life and this is the time in my life when I am moving more and more into my heart and out of my head. Do I remember that you are going to be selling some of your stone hearts? if so, could I purchase one to be sent along with my gift?

    • Thank you for your address! Yes, I will be selling some of the hearts… and they will not be ready in time to send with your gift. I will be posting individual pictures of them as I complete photos of each. My work schedule has prevented completing that task and it is taking longer than anticipated. If you see one in particular that takes your fancy let me know and I will be happy to move that one forward on the schedule. Thank you so much!

  5. Congratulations to your winner! πŸ™‚

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