Weekly Photo Challenge – Distorted

Heart Wash

I love the way water distorts and softens stone and color.
About this photo ~
While editing photos of the heart series, I stumbled upon this image taken of the first heart sculpture. I had taken it to the beach, tossed it in the sand at the edge of the water and watched the water at play. It is the same heart as seen on the “Contest Closes” post from earlier, (click here) taken on a different day, in different light and weather. When I saw this image again, I was impressed at the way the color washed through it and it became so painterly, full of color swirls and playful bubbles. Unedited, it was a delightful unplanned surprise when I shot it and again when I looked at it full screen. I am adding this to the list of my favorite photos for the NoCZ challenge.

Speaking of NoCZ 2012 – minimal posting – is uncomfortable for me and for now it is required as I rebuild my life. Oh, did I forget to mention that I am rebuilding my Life? LOL! My life fell apart when I wasn’t looking and I am starting over. The threads that have held it together have been art, love, nature, joy… so many pieces of art and loving, strung and twisted together like a necklace of pearls, on strings of joy and celebration – with little highlights of sadness and loss… maybe that’s a distorted view of life?

The question for the day for me is simply this: If one is living in the moment, being here, now, where does planning fit in? Planning, to me requires future thinking which seems contradictory to being here now… I have been living without a total life plan since 911… simply glad to be alive and cramming as much life into each day as possible. Oh yes, I plan, a little – what to eat, where to go, who to see, to some extent.

Yes,I have a vision, a dream and I’m realizing it slowly. The slowness is also causing discomfort, and yet I am patient. I am afraid I am not fast enough, yet speed is an illusion? An artist friend, a dear and longtime friend always says “It’s just a pigment of your imagination!” Meanwhile, life is what happens, even when we are making plans.

We live in either fear or love…. and that is a story planned for another day. For today, I love, I trust. May your heart be washed with color and love ~ and I trust you enjoy the image!

Namaste ~ Star Bear


14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Distorted

  1. Starbear, your image really hits me to the core. What a beautifully symbolic image. It’s appropriate for me today, as I have recently felt my heart saddened by a personal issue. It’s been hard to allow forgiveness, and when I decline forgiveness, my heart sickens… blackens. Your image makes me feel like that’s what love does to a tainted heart. The crystal-clear water represents purity of love that washes over our blackened hearts to wash them clean and pink again. I’ll be imagining your image a lot today, envisioning that water washing my disdain away, making it pure and loving again.
    Thank you for this.

    • Wendy – That water – LOL! that water is Lake Superior – aka “The Healing Waters”… Thank you for your heart! and yes, forgiveness makes more room for joy and love. I am so glad you found that in this simple image and that it spoke to your heart. Namaste.

  2. I loved the image too, and can really relate to rebuilding a life. I recently was given early retirement just about the same time I broke from a relationship that had been going about five years. And my brother went out West right about the same time. Serious illness happened just a bit before all that, over now too, but with lasting effects. Somewhere along the line, perhaps when the sunshine went south for the winter, I found myself becoming afraid. Of dying, of aging but also of living in the now. I like to plan so that where possible there are no nasty surprises. As you say, how do you fit that in with living in the here and now? Seems contradictory to me. But I have also realized that over the winter, I have been so afraid of dying that I was not truly enjoying my time living. That sounds like a contradiction too. This last week, we had a poetry festival in the nearby city. Going to events this weekend has made me realize that I have missed all that by retreating into my cave like a hibernating bear. So my No-Comfort zone has going to expand…it has to! So that I can leave the cave again, and enjoy the life I have rather than worry about what life I may not have left to come. Not sure if that makes sense, but essentially we are on similar journeys I think. The good thing is that we are both aware of the need to enjoy now even as we might plan.
    Nice to have some company on the journey!


    • Carol, Thank you for your insightful comment. Yes, It makes total sense.
      I am a hibernating bear (star bear – LOL!) I have had many losses in the past 5 years – and yet I never seem to lose heart. Sometimes, in hibernation, the heart beat slows naturally, sometimes to the point of bears being mistaken for dead. I have learned that that, too is, okay. Death is not something I fear, anymore. I have seen my death, planned it, (Moi? who doesn’t plan? πŸ™‚ ) envisioned it, lived it, died it, laughed about it.
      My biggest fear has not been death, but of losing the people I love. Sometimes it has been hard to stay connected to anyone – after all, they are just going to leave or die, too? And so I live. I love. I wake up every morning grateful – grateful to be alive and growing… and staying connected to people I love.
      Those nasty surprises? Well, I love surprises – surprises are lessons, and if I judge them nasty, they feel unpleasant, uncomfortable, unfamiliar. Do they feel uncomfortable? Sometimes. They can be turned around – 180 degrees.
      Yes, companionship on the journey makes it more fun! Great companions welcome! Perhaps we are poetry in motion?
      In the here and now we just share the love… keep me posted on where you are on our journey! πŸ™‚

      • Your comment about having difficulty staying connected also strikes a chord with me. Many times when someone is moving away when all are gathered round saying their goodbyes, I stand quietly back or sneak away myself. As if I don’t care, but I think really I insulate myself from the pain of loss. Sometimes it makes me feel guilty or as if I am missing a part of my own connection as a human being. It took a long time to see it as a way of protecting myself.

        I cannot say I faced my death. My illness did almost take my life, but I was not “there” for it, only the people around me knew. When I regained consciousness, I was already on the mend. But it has certainly had its affect.

        I have much yet to do, and must focus on one day at a time: to enjoy its day for what it offers, and not worry about tomorrow. I suppose there is a big difference between worrying about it and planning it. I shall, however, stop worrying about the day after tomorrow for awhile!


  3. Quite the unusual photo… Love the pastels in it. πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh my, I understand the ‘not fast enough.’ We are so programmed to instantaneous results in our world – in ourSELVES. Your post speaks to me – as we are working through something with our son that requires patience. There’s no way to just ‘make it better.’

    Thank you for letting your heart – diluted, softened – speak to us. xoxo

  5. I am delighted to have found you on Marge’s Inside Out blog Starbear.
    I am subscribed to several wonderful blogs, so please forgive me if I don’t always read all of your posts and comment on all of them.

  6. Starbear, you ask a good question about being in the moment and planning for the future. What I really love is all the things in-between that are not said.
    I think that without a plan we end up on this road or that – no matter.
    With a plan we decide what it takes to get to that road and off we go.
    Of course, we could spend our entire lives in the future and miss the ‘joy bubbles’ that we receive each day.
    Perhaps we need some planning time each day then ‘in the moment’ time and at the end of the day a little ‘reminiscing’ time?

    • I dp [lan everyday – each morning when I get up, I say I plan on having a marvelous day, or a miraculous day, or a magnificent day filled with joy! LOL! Most days I do… somehow that a.m. planning with the universe works for me.

  7. It’s a lovely picture, so delicate and tender. As somebody else said – or something like it – it’s purification of the heart. The subtle colours are exquisite. Now to the question if it’s possible to plan for the future and live in the moment at the same time. I think so, as long as the plan itself doesn’t become life for you, as long as you are able to adjust according to now. I don’t think there is a contradiction.

    • Thank you, Otto, for visiting and commenting. Sometimes my middle-name is “adjustable”… and I like to keep my calendar very open… usually so I can take a beautiful day outside shooting, hiking, exploring. Now that there is more light than darkness here, I find myself using every moment of daylight I am able to squeeze in – outdoors. Sometimes that means letting other things go for awhile. Works for me.

  8. Hey thanks for visiting my blog and liking my Colombia post! And for bringing me here to your wonderful blog! I have just released a travel book that you might also like πŸ™‚


  9. Namaste Starbear!
    Thank you, thank you for your beautiful sharing of your art, your heart, your rocks and those gorgeous healing waters you live near!

    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog today found here:

    Feel free to ‘follow the rules’ & spread the sunshine or NOT~! You are shining brightly & brilliantly here either way.

    Keep shining your beauty here and everywhere you go!

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