Sunshine, Sunsets, Awards and… Cell Towers?

Perry's Landing March 26, 2012

Sunset at Perry’s Landing. Again. This place always brings me back to where I belong. The other night, a friend called and said “Let’s go catch the sunset…” and off we went, hastily, to catch the end of the day’s light.
It was cloudy, dark and we caught the very last of the color. He waxed rhapsodic about the hues, the brilliance, the array of color and how we live in such a special place, filled with beauty, peace, and love. I did not take my camera and as usual, he scolded me soundly then gently said something like “I guess sometimes it’s okay to keep the memory and not share it with the world.” That’s why I did not take my camera. As much as I love sharing the beauty here with the world, there are times not to share. There are sacred moments, spent alone or with another that simply cannot be fully shared in words and pictures.

This photo was taken the next evening, after a day of sunshine, same place, same hour of the day, and yet in a totally different time frame. It is similar and not the same. The Lake was calmer, it was warmer with less wind and the light was more accommodating.

Each time I go to Perry’s Landing I wonder who Perry was.

I have been out of my comfort zone a lot lately, not blogging, spending more time off the computer, being in the world with people and then being quiet, at the beach, in the woods, not even taking many photographs.

Even during this time off, I have somehow made new online friends, received awards for which I am grateful and have yet to acknowledge.
My friend, Angi, A Kiss of Bliss nominated this blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you, Dr. Angi! I also was nominated for a Sunshine Award by Laurie at New Thought Families. Thank you Laurie Story!

Accepting these awards seems to require revealing 10 things ( or 7?) about yourself that my readers may not know.
That can be fun, so here goes:
1. My mouse is not working very well so posting, editing photos is very slow. Nominating other sites will have to wait for a new mouse. 🙂
2. On photography ~ I believe that developing a good eye is more important than having a top of the line camera.
3. My favorite color… if I have to choose – cobalt blue, or purple? Maybe orange? Red? Magenta? Green? hmmmm.. which green? White? Yellow? – I refuse to choose on this one.
4. My favorite number – 8 – lying on it’s side it represents infinity. After that 9 – infinity +1.
5. My name, Star Bear, was gifted to me by a Native American Medicine Woman. It is not the full name I was given, just a part.
6. I am a Leo, with a Libra rising…. always looking at both sides.
7. I know all of my personal animal totems, and communicate with them frequently.
8. I prefer to be outdoors, rather than in.
9. I prefer communicating in person, or by phone, over e-mail, so I can hear the tone in another’s voice.
10. I prefer to hear poetry read aloud.

And the bonus # 11 – I ask a lot of questions. This month’s local question is: Will AT&T be permitted to build a 400 foot tower on the Tahquamenon River? It is planned to be built adjacent to a 45,000 acre wilderness area and possibly in view of one of the most beautiful waterfalls, Tahquamenon Falls, second in size only to Niagara east of the Mississsipi, or will they bow to common sense and local consensus and find an alternate location? (Cell towers bring along with them blinking lights – 24/7/365) This place that I live sometimes chooses to act as if it is financially challenged, and Tahquamenon Falls brings 500,000 tourist visitors each year. A large part of the reason people visit here is to briefly escape – technology, urbanity, busy-ness, business.

And so it goes ~ progress in the wilderness or saving a few wild places ~ more questions, how to best serve? How to protect? How to be kind, compassionate, loving and take a stand, draw a line. So this is where I have been offline – researching, asking questions, writing letters, surveying friends, neighbors, my community.

How can my work as a writer and photographer make a difference? I am trying to imagine what Tahquamenon Falls will look like with a 400 foot tower in the background. Thoughts?

May your thoughts be peaceful, thoughtful and loving today.

Namaste ~ Star Bear


10 responses to “Sunshine, Sunsets, Awards and… Cell Towers?

  1. The world, she is a changing and mostly due to technology. Along the south rim trail of the Grand Canyon one can have a narrated tour of the Canyon simply by dialing up a number on your cell phone. I thought “Seriously? A cell signal way out here?” Did I call it? No. Did I miss out on some knowledge about the Canyon? Perhaps, but I wasn’t concerned. I was more concerned about being in the moment taking in all that beauty and reflecting upon it.

    • Thank you Donna, for visiting and commenting. I know it’s easy to ignore the towers when you can’t see them, and then be surprised when a cell phone works. We already have 3 towers on a ten-mile stretch of my road… Their blinkity blinking lights for airplanes are quite visible, especially on foggy days and nights. I liken it to light pollution. I gave up on getting a cell phone to work – even with the towers nearby.

  2. I was just thinking of you yesterday, my friend….and here you are! Beautiful photo….and yes…it seems many of us are finding the time and space to be in our own sacred place. Sending love…xoxo

  3. First congratulations with the awards. They are both well deserved. Fun to read the 11 point list with things about yourself. It’s quite lovely that Star Bear is actually a name given to you by a Native American Medicine Woman. By the way the picture of Perry’s Landing is beautiful. Stunning colours and light.

    • Thank you so much, Otto, for your kind words. The stunning colors and light are such a gift – untouched by photoshop, etc. The air and light here are so very clear and I have never seen skies this lovely, on an almost daily basis, anywhere else. Lake Superior herself, along with the forests, keep the air quite clean, allowing beautiful northern light to wash the scenery here with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.
      I’ll be happy to take some credit for noticing – and Mother Nature paints the views and holds them out for me to see and share. 🙂

  4. Dearest StarBear…may the heart rule over the head so that the way of the wilderness and nature remain pristine. Cell towers, although with creativity can be cleverly disguised, has no business being in an area where one goes for peace and tranquility..beside being unsightly…think of all the visitors who could potentially have the cell phones out chatting/texting away and missing the moment. Utter shame it would be.

    • Unfortunately, sometimes heart has little say when it comes to scale – one excuse being given for the importance of the tower is safety in emergencies…
      I wonder how many have died in emergencies in the wilderness. Camouflage – a hunter’s art, is difficult on an object 400′ tall – since even the tallest trees may only reach 200′ … in researching cell towers, I learned that the suppliers want more in order to serve more people, ie., phones, in order to increase useage = more minutes= increased billing = more $. Some officials in the county say it will increase tax revenues…

  5. I have been out of my comfort zone a lot lately, not blogging, spending more time off the computer, being in the world with people and then being quiet, at the beach, in the woods, not even taking many photographs.
    This speaks to my heart in a tender healing way. We so need time to just be.

  6. Congratulations! 🙂

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