Happy Easter – New Old Eggs…

Lake Superior's Easter Eggs on Ice

In 2011, Easter and Earth Day dates fell close together. This year is different, and the snow is gone early. This is another one of my favorite photos – from the beach and the gifts it brings. If you are new to my blog, you may have missed this gem… 🙂
Happy Easter, Passover, Spring or ??? to all the Good Eggs who read this.

This is a re-post from 24 April 2011
Earth Day was Friday, so was Good Friday. I spent the afternoon hours from 12-3:00 at the Church of the Beach, following my Christian upbringing. As I walked the beach and picked up trash, Jesus’ words from the cross ran through my mind… “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do…”
Everyone makes a difference – the balloons of someone’s celebration, ribbons still attached, litter the beach, along with indestructible Frito Lay Tortilla chip bags, assorted beer and pop cans, disposable diapers, toilet paper and even the cardboard tp rolls. This is a spring fling thing – as snow melts, mysteries are revealed. It is a mystery that people these days are still not responsible for their own junk. Earth is not a garbage can, it is a home we all share.

So I celebrated Earth Day by embracing the Earth and Thanking Mother Earth for the beauty I live in and cleaning up a little bit. Every day is Earth Day – for me anyway.
Luce County, where I live has no recycling available except for paper, which is collected by the girl scouts. To recycle, we have to drive our plastic, metal, cardboard, 100 miles to Sault Saint Marie, in Chippewa County. Not very Earth friendly, or pocket friendly these days. It’s kinda like living in a third world nation here, with snow.
Some of us have been trying to get recycling here for 5 years… everybody says they want it, nobody wants to pay the millage.

At the Library, where I am now working, one co-worker takes all the recycling home, then eventually gets it to the Soo. I have been saving my recycling all winter. Did you know that you could crunch up 6 one-gallon plastic milk jugs, roll them up and fit them into one plastic coffee can? Glass jars take up a lot of space, so I break them, carefully. Then put them into a plastic coffee can, put some rocks in with them, and shake the daylights out of them ~ My free version of that new exercise device. I can get a lot of glass into a coffee can that way. The newer round bottom cans are a pain. Can’t cut the bottoms off anymore. When will packagers wake up? There is room for improvement – attention to Earth friendly packaging has not been noticed by Campbell’s Soup and other big businesses yet…

Most commercial eggs come in styrofoam containers – non-recyclable. Brown eggs come in cardboard – YAY!

So, Happy Earth Day! Rest assured, this is not a complaint about where I live. Merely an observation and a call to action…
Lake Superior’s ancient Easter Bunny always gives new eggs, well chilled, stored on and under ice and snow. These eggs are billions of years old and solid evidence life goes on, recycling. My beach studio is intact and spring cleaning is underway. …and on the third day, a resurrection, peace and joy. Today I get to go for a sunrise service at the Church of Peace at the Beach and the Lake will sing it’s songs of Joy with a Hallelujah Chorus over rolling waves… It’s my version of a Holy Roller Easter… LOL!
May your Easter, Earth Day celebration be wonderful, however you clelebrate. Just hang on to your balloons and your beer cans, please. 🙂
Namaste – Star Bear

7 responses to “Happy Easter – New Old Eggs…

  1. Love Superior’s eggs. Great post!


  2. I LOVE how you celebrate Easter. And join with you in spirit. Didn’t realize you live in Ontario. Another Canadian in my blog world. woo hoo. When I lived in Ottawa, five years ago, they still did not collect compost. What a disgrace. You are doing your part for sure!!!
    Happy beach Easter to you and all kindred spirits.

    • Sorry, not in Ontario – referring to the other Soo, on the Yank side. A year later and sadly, the recycling situation remains the same. Yes, This week I drove 4 months of recycling to the center in the Sault. I have learned to compact in a variety of silly ways… and use as many recycled materials in my classes and artwork as I possibly can! I am determined to recycle… Thanks for your support! 🙂

      • arrogant Canadians eh? think we’re the only ones with a Sault. hee hee. Good for you for being so committed to this.

      • My Soo Is your Soo – no more arrogant than us Yanks, who love to Yank the chains of the rest of the planet, forgetting that my water is your water, my sky is also yours… neither mine, nor yours, nor theirs… it is all ours, to share in this physical time… I wonder if those who watch, the Watchers, the Grandmothers, the Seers who have passed the boundaries of time look at us and laugh… singing “When will they ever learn…?” LOL! XoXo – Namaste ~

  3. Enjoyed reading this very much. I plan to write a few blog posts this month to enlighten and encourage saving our wonderful planet. Hope you stop by and share in the discussion.

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